Stranger Things 3: 15 fan theories crazy enough to be true

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Will’s experience with the Upside Down and Mind Flayer will give him powers

When Will came back from the Upside Down, he had some weird things happening to him. He was always cold, he was possessed and he kept being drawn to the Mind Flayer. He’s already gone through so much trauma from being trapped in the Upside Down, but that doesn’t mean things are completely over for him.

We know that the Mind Flayer will return, but could we also see Will gain some powers? Fans might wonder why they didn’t surface right away, but they could have been dormant for a while until Will fully recovered from his time in the Upside Down. We could easily see something in the new season that triggers his powers.

In season two, the fourth episode was titled “Will the Wise.” It is possible that we see things come full circle and that becomes relevant again. It wouldn’t be strange to have Will end up with powers either. The lab was clearly using whatever was in the portal and maybe the Upside Down is where Eleven gained her powers.

There’s so much that remains a mystery going into the new season, which leaves us with many possibilities. Will having powers would be a fun reveal that the kids could work through together. Initially, the boys were amazed by Eleven and now that they’re already used to someone having powers, you could skip that and get right to business.