Stranger Things 3: 15 fan theories crazy enough to be true

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Stranger Things
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The Mind Flayer will be back

While the actual return of the Mind Flayer isn’t much of a theory since it has been confirmed, how it will come back is still unknown. In Worlds Turned Upside Down, it was confirmed that at some point in the new season, we’ll see the giant monster again. The companion book is something that big fans of the show might want to consider checking out.

Last season, Hopper, Dustin and some of the others were sprayed by something. It’ll be interesting to see if what was sprayed on them left some sort of scent or something else that would allow them to be tracked. Then, the Mind Flayer could find them again and possess one of them. We’ve seen what a powerful effect the Mind Flayer can have based on Will’s experience.

With the Mind Flayer being such a large, encompassing monster, it’s hard to imagine it wouldn’t play a major role in its return. This season feels like it’s going to have a lot to accomplish in just eight episodes though. Maybe we’ll only see the Mind Flayer in a couple of episodes and it’ll just have implications in the rest of the season.

Most theories are based on just a few things that have been released so far, so it’s hard to know just how much to expect from certain monsters and characters. Are you hoping we see a lot of the Mind Flayer or would you prefer more of a focus on the new monsters?