Stranger Things 3: 15 fan theories crazy enough to be true

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The Starcourt Mall is a front for something

The date announcement teaser gave fans more than just the Russian language to speculate about. We also saw SilverCatFeeds and Lynx Corp show up in the code. This could mean that one of the stores at the mall is a front for Lynx Corp. Given how much foot traffic malls usually get in the summer, it might be easier to come and go without drawing too much attention.

There isn’t a lot to go on with that information, but it is possible that SilverCatFeeds has to do with the lynx being a silver-haired cat. Maybe that’s how they’ll get rid of the rat problem in Hawkins, too. However, if the Russians are behind both the monsters and Lynx Corp, it’s more likely the two things would work in conjunction with one another.

If the speculation from the fans is correct, the Russians could play a huge role in this season. While people working at the lab might have been “outsiders,” this will take that notion even further.

The lab was off in its own area, so something always felt off about it. But with Starcourt Mall being at the center of things, it’ll give off a completely different vibe if it is a front for Lynx Corp. We’ll just have to wait and see if this theory is right, but either way we know the all will be important.