One-Punch Man Season 2: Is Saitama forming a squad of his own?

Photo: One-Punch Man. Courtesy VIZ Media
Photo: One-Punch Man. Courtesy VIZ Media /

The first few episodes of One-Punch Man Season 2 have shown Saitama making new friends. Will this lead to an Avengers-style team-up?

Even though Saitama admonished Fubuki aka Hellish Blizzard for attempting to establish a superhero faction, it seems as if he’s doing the exact same thing on One-Punch Man.

In Season 2 Episode 14 “The Human Monster”, Hellish Blizzard attempted to coerce the unbeatable defender into joining her clique but Saitama denied her request. He went even further by pointing out the flaws in Blizzard’s coercion tactics. Feeling insulted, Miss Blizzard tries to crush Saitama—right up to the point when some serious heroes show up.

Genos is the first to appear, shocking Blizzard with his presence. He doesn’t literally shock her but Blizzard is extremely surprised to see a Class-S hero working under Saitama. It’s difficult for her to comprehend so Blizzard continues to mouth off about tiers and hierarchies. She seems to carry on forever until another knock appears at the door—this time it’s King.

Hellish Blizzard is once again caught off guard as a highly-rated hero stands alongside Saitama. She still doesn’t understand how someone rated so low keeps the company of Class-S heroes around. Nothing makes sense until Speed O’ Sound Sonic shows up.

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The speedster clashes with Genos near Saitama’s apartment building and happens at the same time that Blizzard launches an attack. All four of them collide when a blast from Genos’ canons explodes in the nearby area.

Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal for Saitama, but Blizzard is at the center and doesn’t see the attack coming. Without much time to react, Saitama steps in front of the blast for Miss Blizzard. When the dust settles, the destructive toll of Genos’ attack is clear. The entire city block is practically destroyed—everywhere except for the small space behind Saitama. Had it not been for him jumping in front of Blizzard, she most likely would’ve been vaporized by the blast.

Blizzard doesn’t immediately react but once the truth becomes known, the expression on her face switches from contempt to admiration. She sees that Saitama’s power and nobility are why famous heroes are sticking by him. Could this be Blizzard’s first step to joining the One-Punch Man team?

What we should take away from Blizzard’s presence in “The Human Monster” is that she seems like a possible candidate to join Saitama’s team. He’s made a point of being a loner but Genos and King have other plans for him, evidenced by their presence in Season 2.

Assuming they do continue to appear throughout the season, a team-up sounds feasible. Saitama is also going to need all the help he can get when he faces Garou. The self-proclaimed monster slew dozens of people in his first appearance and one can only assume that the level of savagery will persist.

As far as who would be on Saitama’s team, it’s pretty obvious: Genos, King, Hellish Blizzard, and Speed O’ Sound Sonic. You may be asking yourself why Sonic and that’s due to the intense rivalry building between him and Saitama.

Anime characters who become tied to each other through rivalries usually wind up forming uneasy alliances with each other. That’s not to say Saitama and Sonic will do the same but considering how the world is in danger of being destroyed, we can definitely picture Sonic putting his petty gripes aside to help the save the world. Even if he doesn’t want to, Sonic needs a world to thrive on so helping Saitama may be his only hope for salvation.

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Do you think Saitama should form a superhero team a la The Avengers? And who do you think should be on the team? Let us know in the comments section below.

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