10 best documentaries on Netflix to fuel your summer workout

Losers -- Courtesy of Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center
Losers -- Courtesy of Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center /
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1. Losers

The last recommendation is a Netflix original series that really intrigued me when I first came across it. It may be obvious based on the title of the show, but it’s about the losers of major sporting competitions. It doesn’t just talk about what it feels like to come so close then lose, but it explores the mindset being coming so close and losing. Then it explores what happens after.

I found so much intrigue in this series because of how the modern American culture really idolizes the winners of competitions then will often forget about the losers.

Each episode in the series focuses on a new story. It’s almost worth looking at each person for a full feature-length documentary, but at least the losers are being shown some love. Each athlete or team that gets an episode must face some series adversity and then fail.

It’s literally a series that is the exact opposite of an underdog story. It is a common American trope to root for the underdog. It’s as though as a culture we put too much value into that ideal. So how would a person that is famous for losing deal with it?

This documentary series goes to answer that question. Each story turns from sadness to a story of overcoming the adversity they faced and either coming back later for a win, or just a complete reroute of where they thought their destiny was headed.

This is inspiring because it’s often said that people don’t go to the gym because they feel judged or like they don’t belong among the beasts of the iron jungle. Netflix’s Losers allows everyone to see that people don’t need to be identified by this one aspect of their life. That will take off a lot of the pressure of needing to be the biggest and strongest in the gym and allow a person to go to the gym for themselves instead of going for external motivation.

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