Black Summer: 5 most frustrating moments in the series

Black Summer photo via Netflix Media Center
Black Summer photo via Netflix Media Center /
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Black Summer photo via Netflix Media Center
Black Summer photo via Netflix Media Center /

Nobody can shoot

Survivors kick the zombies, throw objects at the zombies, knock shelves down to slow the zombies, and even knock the zombies to the floor by hitting them in the knees. But you know what no one can do? Shoot them in the head. It’s Zombie 101. Hasn’t anyone seen…I don’t know, any post-apocalyptic show or movie featuring zombies ever?

On the other hand, this is probably what I loved the most about the series. Why? Because it is spot-on realistic.

I don’t know about you, but if a zombie was running towards me, I would not be able to accurately shoot it in the head on my first try. Or second. Or third. Possibly ever. Unless I go through extreme training, which the zombies aren’t going to wait around for, I’d likely never successfully shoot one. And you wouldn’t be able to, either.

It’s unrealistic for us all to suddenly become shooting experts, this isn’t The Walking Dead. Most of us couldn’t even hit a still target, let alone a quick zombie coming at you from all directions. So, as frustrated as I was (and shouting at the screen) when a character kept shooting and missing, it makes sense and it’s what would truly happen.

Instead, the characters would hit the zombie’s leg, stomach, arm, or the air. A few of them did get the kill, but never on the first try. What’s actually unrealistic about this is the amount of bullets each gun had. Wow, I think Spears probably shot his small gun a good 50 or more times?

What to you think the most frustrating moments in the series are? Share with us in the comments!

Black Summer is now streaming on Netflix. Want a sequel? So do we! Stay tuned as we keep you posted on the latest news about a possible season 2 of the series.

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