Black Summer: 5 most frustrating moments in the series

Black Summer photo via Netflix Media Center
Black Summer photo via Netflix Media Center /
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Black Summer photo via Netflix Media Center
Black Summer photo via Netflix Media Center /

Ryan’s death

Okay, maybe I was wrong, there’s a character even more kind and deserving of happiness than Barbara, and that’s Ryan (Mustafa Alabssi).

Ryan, despite being deaf, was not about to leave a child behind. Literally. He went to great lengths to find the creepy kid at the gym who kept making weeping noises and running a way. Cleary it was a trap, but our oblivious characters aren’t as clever, it’s how TV works. But what makes me so angry about Ryan’s death is that, like Barbara’s, it could have easily been prevented.

How? When the evil kids instruct Ryan not to move or they’ll shoot, he moves. Why? Because he’s deaf! He didn’t hear the instructions. I blame Rose all the way. Would it have killed her to quickly shout at the heartless children that Ryan is deaf? No. Thanks, Rose.

One zombie at a time

Up until the seventh episode, if I remember correctly, only one or two zombies were featured on-screen at a time. Audiences joked on Twitter that this was due to the production’s small budget. Hey, they may not be wrong.

Other than a couple of zombies, we never really see much of the undead at once. That is, until the final couple of episodes, where a horde of zombies appears. If you think about it and take into consideration that the final two episode were shorter than all other episodes (about 20 minutes in length) the answer probably is the lack of a large budget.

While some plots in the story are on point and pretty realistic, it’s difficult to believe that there are only a few zombies spotted at a time when the world has clearly been overtaken by them.