Black Summer: 5 most frustrating moments in the series

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Black Summer
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Dear, Kyungsun (Christine Lee) — you either know English or you don’t. This character kept going back and forth. The character claimed not to speak a word of English, okay, that’s fine. But later on, she began to SING a song in great English. Sure, she had to think of the words first, but she joined in and sang along with the others. Yet, she can’t speak basic words? I don’t believe Kyungsun ever even spoke the words “yes” or “no,” but a song she’s able to happily sing?

It’s even more frustrating that Kyungsun kept thinking others spoke her language. She would shout at just about anyone in her native tongue as if they can suddenly understand what she is saying. Even more infuriating? No subtitles! I would have loved to know what Kyungsun was trying to tell everyone.

Looking at this on the bright side, could this have been on purpose? Was the lack of subtitles the show’s way of making us feel the frustration Kyungsun’s buddies, mainly William (Sal Velez Jr.), felt? If so, I approve, but I’m still not a fan of the character claiming not to speak English when she clearly knows more than she makes others believe.

Barbara’s death

Barbara (Gwynyth Walsh) was the sweetest of all the survivors. She was tough and determined to prove that she could hold her own weight, a true team player, too. Yet, she forgot the most basic rule: buckle up! Even when William warned her and Kyungsun to hold tight, Barbara never reached for her seat belt! It could — no, it would have saved her life. I know someone had to go, I just hate that it was sweet Barbara, and a preventable death at that.