Black Summer: 5 most frustrating moments in the series

Black Summer photo via Netflix Media Center
Black Summer photo via Netflix Media Center /
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Black Summer
Black Summer photo via Netflix Media Center /

Black Summer on Netflix has been receiving mixed reviews. But whether you love it or hate it, the series is incredibly frustrating.

Hear me out. Frustrating can be both a good and bad thing. After all, some scenes are truly created just to frustrate audiences and make them anxious. It’s all part of the experience and gives viewers those edge-of-your-seat moments they all crave. Black Summer definitely delivers in that department, at times it keeps us completely engaged and other times we’re scratching our heads in confusion.

Please note: If you haven’t seen Black Summer on Netflix, spoilers are ahead! Huge spoilers, including character deaths and plot line reveals. Go watch the series before reading ahead. Or if you don’t mind ruining the show for yourself, proceed…

Black Summer follows several small groups of survivors trying to stay alive in the middle of an apocalypse. The undead are taking over and multiplying by the minute. Most of the story we follow is Rose’s (Jaime King), a woman doing anything and everything she can to reunite with her daughter.

Eventually, most of the survivors we follow meet each other and team up to reach a stadium they believe is a sanctuary. Audiences are intrigued from the start as the zombies in Black Summer are not what we’re used to seeing on The Walking Dead or anywhere else.

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These zombies are hangry! They’re hungry, angry, and incredibly fast. They also appear to be a bit more clever than most zombies we’ve seen in other TV shows or movie. Not to mention, humans here transform into zombies so much quicker than you’ve ever seen.

Black Summer serves as a prequel to Z Nation, so if you enjoyed what you saw on Z Nation, you likely loved Black Summer. 

From foreign language confusion to the inability to shoot a zombie in the head, here are the five most frustrating moments from Black Summer.