NBC’s Manifest officially renewed. what’s in store for season two?

MANIFEST -- "Upgrade" Episode 114 -- Pictured: (l-r) Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone, Josh Dallas as Ben Stone -- (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC/Warner Brothers)
MANIFEST -- "Upgrade" Episode 114 -- Pictured: (l-r) Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone, Josh Dallas as Ben Stone -- (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC/Warner Brothers) /

NBC recently announced that Manifest would be receiving a second season renewal. This move doesn’t come as a surprise but it’s welcome news to all fans. The concern now is what’ll happen in the following season.

Manifest fans campaigned for it, NBC listened, and now there’s a second season of everyone’s favorite sci-fi drama on the way. NBC announced that Season Two is in development earlier this week, citing a 2019-2020 premiere date for the series. Most of us assumed another season was already in pre-production based on the Season One Finale’s ending—this projected release dates simply confirms our suspicions.

The reason fans like myself anticipated a renewal is that season one concluded on a major cliffhanger. If Jeff Rake and the Manifest Writers’ room doubted the series’ future, they wouldn’t have ended the finale the way they did. That being said, season two is the important topic of discussion.

Warning! Potential spoilers for the second season of Manifest follow. You’ve been warned.

Now that we know it’s happening, a lot of questions need to be answered in Season Two. For one: are the Stones actually destined to die?

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The finale concluded with Cal (Jack Messina) and Ben (Josh Dallas) both uncovering the expiration dates on their returns. They determined that everyone who traveled through time would only live for the same period of time they disappeared for. In the Stones’ case, that’s five years minus the time they’ve already spent together.

While there’s no way to say with certainty if the prophecies will come true, the Stone family will be able to confirm their theory in one year’s time. You may be asking yourself how and the answer is simple: Zeke (Matt Long).

Since Zeke was frozen in his cave for a year’s time, Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) and Ben Stone will know if they are doomed in less than a year. Of course, we shouldn’t forget that a gunshot rang off in the finale and Zeke could have been hit.

In the scenario of Zeke being fatally struck by the bullet, that would prevent the Stone team from confirming the truth before their clocks are up. We hope Zeke survives but he really needs to pull through so the group can work on preventing their untimely demises.

Secondly, the people or entities responsible for the disappearance of Flight 828 need to come forward. The Major (Elizabeth Marvel) isn’t involved nor is the Singularity Project like we suspected—and Dr. Fiona Clarke (Francesca Faridany) vanished alongside Captain Daly (Frank Deal)—clearing her of any wrongdoing.

With no potential suspects to investigate, the person responsible will have to come forward of their own free will—assuming it is a person. For all we know, a god-like being manufactured this entire scenario as a social experiment. The idea of deities testing their followers isn’t unheard of in mainstream religions either, so there may be some correlation to what’s befallen the Flight 828 passengers.

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Whatever the case may be, the Manifest writing staff need to provide fans with some answers in Season Two. They’ve kept us on the hook for this long but it’s about time some of the show’s bigger mysteries be unraveled.

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Manifest Season Two’s release date is TBA; projected release is for the 2019-20 Fall Season. All episodes are currently streaming on Hulu. For more on this NBC series, follow us on the Hulu Watcher Twitter Account @HuluWatcherFS or on the Hulu Watcher Facebook Page.