5 good Netflix movie recommendations this weekend: The Perfect Date and more

Photo Credit: The Perfect Date/Netflix, Acquired From Netflix Media Center
Photo Credit: The Perfect Date/Netflix, Acquired From Netflix Media Center /

A list of 5 good Netflix movie recommendations to watch this weekend, including new originals like The Perfect Date and The Silence.

Don’t know what to watch this weekend? NBD, we’ve got you covered. Check out this easy breakdown of all the best new movies you should definitely be watching on Netflix this weekend, starting with a brand new original flick, The Perfect Date on Netflix.

We picked four more movie recommendations for you on Netflix this weekend.

Check out the trailer for The Perfect Date below!

5. The Perfect Date

If you’re anything like the rest of America, there’s a decent chance that you just can’t get enough Noah Centineo. Ever since his breakout hit role in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, fans have been crazy for him. Catch Noah this weekend in his newest Netflix original movie, The Perfect Date. It’s a charming teen rom-com about a desperate high school student who starts a fake date business.

4. Pineapple Express

Need a good laugh to unwind after the long work week? Check out the stoner comedy Pineapple Express. Comedians Seth Rogen and James Franco are at their finest here as they star as two weed lovers who are on the run from some hitmen. It’s outrageous and funny as all get out.

3. Friday the 13th

Fans of classic horror will be excited to catch Friday the 13th on Netflix this weekend. Currently, only the 2009 remake is available to stream on Netflix, but it will still give you all those creepy summer camp vibes that you had thought you’d left behind in your childhood.

2. The Silence

After the wild success of Birdbox, Netflix is getting back into the post-apocalyptic game with The Silence. This new film stars Keirnan Shipka as a deaf teen who must face off against a cult looking to exploit her heightened senses. Bonus points given for The Silence also starring acclaimed actor Stanley Tucci.

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Will this new flick hold up to the high standard set by the similar film A Quiet Place? Watch for yourselves and find out.

1. I Am Legend

A lotta post-apocalyptic dramas comin’ at ya on Netflix this weekend. This Will Smith movie from 2007 will in turns make you hold your breath and cry. Definitely worth a watch if you’ve never seen it.

What Netflix movie are you watching this weekend?

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