NBC’s The Enemy Within: Mikael Tal makes his presence known for the first time

THE ENEMY WITHIN -- "An Offer" Episode 108 -- Pictured: Lev Gorn as Tal -- (Photo by: Craig Blankenhorn/NBC)
THE ENEMY WITHIN -- "An Offer" Episode 108 -- Pictured: Lev Gorn as Tal -- (Photo by: Craig Blankenhorn/NBC) /

NBC’s The Enemy Within has been teasing Tal’s rise to power and he’s finally joining the fight in a direct manner. Find out more in our preview below.

While the elusive terrorist has made vague appearances on NBC’s The Enemy Within, Tal is no longer hiding in the shadows. Don’t get us wrong—Tal is still using covert tactics to infiltrate the United States government—he’s merely not concealing his plans from the FBI anymore.

Tal (Lev Gorn) now has a high-ranking official within the FBI holding up Agent Keaton’s (Morris Chestnut) task-force whom he can call upon to do his bidding. Though, the more interesting thing about Tal’s presence is that he’s in direct communication with the FBI.

What’s more is Erica Shepherd (Jennifer Carpenter) will seek him out. She stole a phone to call one of her contacts for the purpose of speaking with Tal. Shepherd doesn’t say much but her request to find him makes it sound like she isn’t involved with his operation.

There’s been speculation over whether or not Shepherd is actually one of Tal’s agents but she’s not. Had she called Tal directly or demanded that her contact connect them, we could say there’s some secret arrangement between them. Fortunately, Erica Shepherd seems to be on the right side of this fight.

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Politics aside, Mikael Tal is the true villain of this story. He’s manipulated everyone, corrupting many members within the intelligence community for his own plan. That’s no easy task but Tal seems to be manipulating people like chess pieces—Keaton’s failed attempts to apprehend the terrorist are evidenced to this.

At every turn, Tal seems to be one step ahead of the FBI. They keep piecing together leads with Shepherd’s help but Tal’s network is so organized that they prevent anything from being traced back to their leader. Such a defense can be attributed to his agents’ hard work but Tal is the man who’s made all of this possible.

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The concern now is what Tal’s endgame is. He hasn’t made any demands to the FBI and is merely creating chaos among diplomats and politicians. Could it be that he just wants the world to fall into disorder?

Whatever his plans are, the next episode of The Enemy Within is bound to delve further into Tal’s dastardly plan. Let’s just hope he doesn’t intend to target Keatons’ task-force—because when Tal wants someone dead—they do.

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