Stranger Things star David Harbour wants five seasons of the Netflix show

STRANGER THINGS 3 - Credit: Netflix
STRANGER THINGS 3 - Credit: Netflix /

David Harbour, star of Netflix’s Stranger Things, would like the show to last five seasons. The show has not been confirmed to go more than four with Stranger Things 3 coming this summer.

Last fall, Stranger Things star David Harbour shared that he knows how the series will ultimately end. In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Harbour mentioned, again, that he knows the ending of Stranger Things, and he also shared his preference for the season total when the show ends.

According to the report, Harbour want the show to last five seasons. For those keeping track at home, the third season is scheduled to premiere on July 4. So, Harbour is hoping he’ll be able to film two more seasons of the show while fans will get three more seasons.

We shared Harbour’s comments below, via Digital Spy:

"“I don’t think four is enough,” he said. “I think five is maybe enough – if you want my opinion, I would like five.”"

We’ve known for a while now that Stranger Things was going to be four or five seasons. The fifth season will obviously depend on if the Duffer Brothers feel like there’s more to tell.

For selfish reasons, I want this show to come back for season 5. I just can’t imagine season 3 being the penultimate season of this series. It just feels like there are so many more directions this series can go at this point. Granted, the Duffer Brothers will have to choose a clear direction soon, and I’m guessing that will happen in season 3.

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Clearly, everyone associated with this series should be hoping for that fifth season renewal. If the Duffer Brothers want to make a fifth season, Netflix will definitely renew the show. Saying that, I think Netflix would be open to 100 seasons of Stranger Things if the Duffer Brothers were committed. This show is the most popular show in the world behind Game of Thrones right now, and everyone with a financial interest in the show is probably rooting for it to continue.

Harbour isn’t thinking about the money he could make from future seasons, though. It sure sounds like all he cares about is the story, and I think that’s the perfect way to look at a show like this. Eventually, it will have to end, and it’d be smart to let the creators make the decision when the show should end.

Too many times we see shows continue making new seasons because the show is successful. Eventually, quality suffers. Even more times, we see shows end too soon because they don’t have as strong of backing from networks, fans and others.

I really, really hope Netflix and the Duffer Brothers can find that sweet spot in the middle with Stranger Things. I don’t know the ending, but a fifth and final season of Stranger Things sounds good to me!

Stranger Things 3 is coming to Netflix this summer (July 4), and the show is already coming back for season 4, although Netflix has not officially revealed the season 4 renewal. We’ll keep you posted on the future of this series and all the twists and turns when we find out.

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