Netflix isn’t hurting movie theaters: Report

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

While some think Netflix is killing movie theaters and film industry, some studies suggest Netflix is not hurting movie theaters at all.

Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are actually proving to help movie theaters and their theatrical showings rather than hurt them like many people have been expecting, according to CNBC.

There has been a lot of speculation since the inception of Netflix and their internet streaming service that it would essentially kill Hollywood and the theater business as a whole.

Now, reports are suggesting otherwise. According to the report, more people are seeing movies, and box office projections are showing growth in ticket sales in 2019, and there even more streaming service than ever before.

There are a few other reasons why theaters are going to be fine. One such example is the cultural impact. It seems feature-length films work better than TV shows, in terms of getting the masses involved. Game of Thrones is basically the only appoint-viewing show on TV right now, while every Marvel movie these days is breaking box office records.

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It appears that streaming services are changing TV shows and the TV landscape much more than they are changing the film industry. And, that means movie theaters aren’t going anywhere. They offer a special experience that doesn’t happen at home alone. The community aspect of experiencing a film together is unique to movie theaters. In a world of online interactions and virtual meetings, the unique shared experience of movie theater guarantees they will stay around for the foreseeable future.

Because there are so many different streaming services, each one has to set themselves apart. It’s easier to do that with TV series than it is with feature films.

Everyone loves the exclusive series more so than the original films. There has only been a few cases where the original films have been praised such as Roma and Manchester By the Sea. TV shows prove to be much better  and more recognizable.

In regards to original series though, Hulu has A Handmaid’s Tale, Amazon Prime has Marvelous Ms. Maisel, and Netflix has Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, and GLOW among many others.

That means that theaters that work with streaming services to allow them to have their films be nominated for Academy Awards get a double benefit. Not only will they allow people to see the film before it’s available to stream, but they also are able to show some other films that just earn a ton of money.

Disney doesn’t have a streaming service yet, so theaters still have their films at the moment. Universal doesn’t have a streaming service, and plenty of other large studios that make films don’t have a streaming platform. If those streaming services catch on, then the movie industry might change.

For now, it seems like movie theaters are doing just fine.

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