Santa Clarita Diet and the 15 best new Netflix shows to watch this spring

Santa Clarita Diet - Credit: Netflix
Santa Clarita Diet - Credit: Netflix /
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9. You vs. Wild

Premiere Date: April 10, 2019

Season: 1 (8 episodes)

Following in the footsteps of Black Mirror‘s interactive film, Bandersnatch, Netflix will unveil yet another “choose your own adventure” with You vs. Wild. The series from Rob Buchta, Delbert Shoopman, and Bear Grylls will take viewer interaction to a new level. It serves as a spin-off to a very popular series featuring Grylls.

You vs. Wild lets viewers follow along with Bear Grylls and his adventures while making key decisions in his survival during various missions. Grylls will be in some of the most dangerous environments on the planet. Even though the audience will be making the decisions and the stakes are high for Grylls, Netflix assures that the nature expert can’t be killed. This is a kid-friendly series after all.

With that said, there will still be plenty of risks involved since this is an educational series. Bear Grylls is known for his wilderness survival skills. He previously starred in the TV series, Man vs. Wild, which ran from 2006 to 2011. Since then, Grylls has been featured in a number of survival shows including the recent series, Running Wild with Bear Grylls, in which he brings along celebrities on his adventures.