When is On My Block season 3 coming to Netflix?

ON MY BLOCK - Nicola Goode/Netflix
ON MY BLOCK - Nicola Goode/Netflix /

When is the On My Block season 3 release date on Netflix? The Netflix original series has not been renewed for season 3 yet, but it’s expected to be.

On My Block season 2 just premiered on Netflix at the end of March. Fans are binge-watching the series and are hoping the new season will be added to the streaming service. Unfortunately, we don’t know if On My Block season 3 is happening yet.

It’s only been a few weeks, but Netflix has not renewed the series for a new season yet. We’re hoping it comes back for season 3, and it’s likely we don’t find out that news for a few more weeks at least.

So, will the show be back for another season?

I hate spoiling events of shows like On My Block for fans who haven’t seen the season yet, so I’ll hold off there. As mentioned, the show has not been renewed for season 3 yet, but the show is clearly open for season 3. If it’s not officially in the works, season 3 is officially in the works in the minds of the writing team and the creators of the show.

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There’s clear direction, and that’s a good sign moving forward for Netflix. If enough people are watching season 2, then this series will be back for season 3. If not, it’s going to be tough for the show to be renewed for a new season.

Assuming the show is coming back for season 3, On My Block season 3 will likely be released on Netflix sometime in the spring of 2020. There was a gap of about one year between the first two seasons of the show, and there’s a pretty good chance the gap between season 2 and season 3 will be about the same.

At the time of publishing, I’m expecting season 3 will be released in March 2020. It seems like that’s the right time to release this series. The first two seasons have also been released in March of the last two years. And, it makes a lot of sense to release the new season in March, like the first two seasons.

That’s all we can predict for the release date of On My Block season 3 so far! We’ll be sure to let you know when the new season is coming to Netflix when we find out. Stay tuned!

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