John Stamos has epic meltdown after Netflix cancels Fuller House

Fuller House - Credit: Michael Yarish/Netflix
Fuller House - Credit: Michael Yarish/Netflix /

On April Fools Day, John Stamos had a major meltdown after learning Netflix will be canceling Fuller House after its upcoming fifth season.

“I DON’T NEED PARKING!” is what John Stamos yells at an administrative assistant at Netflix headquarters after an epic April Fools Day meltdown.

Fuller House is ending later this year after season 5 is released on Netflix. Apparently, the Fuller House “cancellation” did not sit well with John Stamos, star of Full House and Fuller House. Stamos showed up on Netflix headquarters and, well, melted down… on April Fools Day, according to a report from Screen Rant.

We learned Fuller House was ending a few months ago, so the timing of the video doesn’t exactly work out, but it’s always fun to see Stamos go bananas at Netflix.

In the video, which was posted on Stamos’s Twitter account, Stamos wants to meet with Netflix’s Content Chief Ted Sarandos. Sarandos’s assistant informs Stamos that Sarandos is not there, which sets off the actor.

Check out the video below!

To me, most April Fools Day pranks are the cringe-inducing equivalent of Michael Scott fake firing Pam and other Dunder-Mifflin employees. I’m not a big fan, but I do appreciate things like this. Stamos losing his mind over nothing is always funny to me.

Update: This video is actually from 2016 when Netflix and Stamos partnered for a April Fools Day joke. Back in 2016, the actor paired with Netflix for an April Fools Day video that featured Stamos freaking out after Netflix passed on a documentary project about Stamos’s life that he was trying to sell them. Some even said the duo won April Fools Day back then. This video doesn’t top that video, but it’s still funny.

Fuller House is ending soon, and without Lori Loughlin. Netflix renewed the series for a fifth and final season, which will likely be released on the streaming service in December. As mentioned, Loughlin, who plays Stamos’s other half in the series, will not be returning for season 5 after she was charged in a college admissions scheme.

We’ll share more Fuller House news when we find out! Stay tuned!

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