Stranger Things 3 theories: Is (SPOILER) the monster?

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STRANGER THINGS - Credit: Netflix /

Is Bruce (Jake Busey) the new monster from the Stranger Things 3 trailer? A new fan theory makes the case why it’s Bruce and not Billy who could be mutating in the new season on July 4.

The Stranger Things 3 trailer is the most-watched Netflix video of all time, and based on all the information we’re given and the clips we see in the trailer, fans have a lot of theories about the new season. Most of the theories have to do with the monster revealed at the end of the trailer.

According to a new fan theory, there’s reason to believe the monster is actually Bruce, played by Jake Busey, a new character for the third season.

This new theory was first reported by Screen Rant, and the connection seems obvious now.

In the trailer, we see Busey’s character Bruce walking down a hallway looking crazy, battered, bruised and bloody. It’s a quick clip from the trailer, and I thought it was just a way to introduce his character. Instead, it could be the biggest reveal from the trailer.

Later, we see the monster start to mutate and grow while Jonathan watches from just down the hallway. It appears that it could be the same hallway that Bruce was walking down. That might mean that Bruce is the monster.

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There’s also a clip from the trailer that shows an eyeball with something spreading through the blood vessels of the eye. It looks a lot like Will’s face when he was possessed by the Mind Flayer. I thought it was Billy’s eye and that Billy had been infected. He does appear to have some infection in the clip from the trailer when he’s in the shower.

On second thought, that eye might be Bruce’s. Jake Busey also has very blue eyes, and his character in the series also looks to have blue eyes. Could the Billy-in-the-shower scene be a misdirection? I wouldn’t put it past the Stranger Things team. They want to make viewers excited but also save all the twists and turns for the series.

Do you think the new monster is Bruce?

I think it’s impossible to say at this point, but it’s definitely possible. Bruce seems like there’s something wrong with him, and there could be a few reasons why that is. He might have been infected with something from the Upside Down, bitten or possessed like Will was in the second season. We just don’t know at this point.

The hallways do seem to match up, and the way Jonathan is looking at the monster, he appears to know something about it. Early in the trailer, Nancy and Jonathan are seen in the Hawkins newspaper office, and Bruce works as a reporter.

In addition to all the real evidence from the trailer, there’s also the theory that Stranger Things kills characters with “B” names. We saw Barb get eaten in the first season, and Bob was the main victim of the second season. Many were thinking Billy was in for it in season 3, but maybe, the “B” to get killed is actually Bruce.

We’ll find out soon enough! Stranger Things 3 premieres on July 4. Stay with Netflix Life for all your latest rumors and news about the new season.

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