10 shows in danger of cancellation and 5 Netflix should save

Credit: The Innocents - Aimee Spinks / Netflix
Credit: The Innocents - Aimee Spinks / Netflix /
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Should be saved: Colony

When it was canceled: Colony was canceled by USA ahead of its third season finale. That finale served as a series finale but it was never written as that, meaning there were plenty of questions left over from the fans.

What it’s about: In the future, aliens invade and split the humans into colonies. In LA, a police officer finds himself on the side of the aliens, while his wife is unknowingly part of the resistance. And within all this is the search for their son, who was separated from them at the time their colony was set up.

With secrets slowly revealed, the couple figure out whether they can fight on the same side and protect their children at the same time. And they need to find their eldest son.

Why it needs to be saved: While the USA audience may not have been large (honestly, it’s a smaller cable network so no show has a huge following), there was a following internationally. By the show being on Netflix, it had already gained fans through on-demand viewing. And that’s just one of the reasons it needs to be saved.

Colony was a well-written, intriguing show. I’m not even an alien invasion series fan but this was one that I could get around. It was more than just about the aliens invading but about the humans on the ground. It was a series that focused on family, on loyalty, and on how far people would go in the event of an alien invasion.

Chances of it being saved: This isn’t a show I have much hope to be saved but it doesn’t stop me wishing it would happen. In all honestly, it’s been too long for the USA show to be picked up by the streaming service (or any other streaming service). There also wasn’t the huge fight that fans of other shows have put up.