10 shows in danger of cancellation and 5 Netflix should save

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The Innocents

Credit: The Innocents – Aimee Spinks / Netflix

There are so many TV shows on right now across primetime, cable, and streaming services. Not all are going to survive 2019 and some have already been canceled. Here are 10 shows in danger and 5 shows that Netflix really needs to save.

Whether you love sci-fi, fantasy, horror, or dramedy, there is something for you on TV right now. Primetime, cable, and streaming services all have you covered. Unfortunately, not everything will survive the 2018-2019 TV season and some shows have already been canceled that Netflix needs to bring back.

If I honestly had my own way, Netflix would have already saved Firefly. Yes, I’ve said it. Despite being off the air for two decades, this is a show that still needs to be picked back up. Sure, the cast may be involved in other projects but that doesn’t stop the hope that one day they’ll join back together for this fantasy/sci-fi series.

But, alas, it’s not going to happen yet. There are other shows on the list of recently canceled shows that Netflix should consider first.

And what about the other shows that are in danger? When you look across the board, each primetime network, cable network, and streaming service has a show or two in the firing line. It’s worth getting ready for the end of these shows, just in case.

This list doesn’t include shows that have already been renewed for a final season. Nor does it include shows that other streaming services may be in talks to save in the future. Out of the shows that need to be saved by Netflix, it’s about those that have already been canceled (except one that Netflix can help directly to keep on the air right now).

Here’s a look at the 10 shows that are in danger of cancellation and five that Netflix definitely needs to save.

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