30 Netflix shows you’ll miss if you cancel your subscription

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Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix

If you cancel you Netflix subscription, you would miss out on watching Stranger Things, Lucifer, You, Friends, Schitt’s Creek and so many more brilliant shows.

These days, there seem to be too many methods of watching television to keep up with. This streaming service, that streaming service, this paywall, that exclusive content. It can be daunting, even more so than simply turning on your TV and channel surfing. But if you’re considering a second plug pulling by canceling your Netflix subscription, you have to also consider all the incredible shows you will miss on the way out.

From an original series standpoint, Netflix’s vast selection of exclusive content has quickly become some of the most celebrated and eagerly anticipated series available. New seasons of Stranger Things, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, You, 13 Reasons Why, and Russian Doll would fly under your radar, as would the premieres of many other conversation-starting series. Not to mention, you wouldn’t have the accessibility to repeat viewings of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Love, Black Mirror and more that can’t be streamed anywhere else.

On top of the original series that have set the standard for pop culture, Netflix also offers access to beloved series that you wouldn’t have the opportunity to stream otherwise. Between The Good Place, Gilmore Girls, Shameless, Gossip Girl, and crowned jewel Friends, these are shows you want to be able to throw on at a moment’s notice. Also, a number of series such as The Office and Dynasty call the streaming giant their second home, and they’re more than worth the subscription alone.

If you’re mulling over doing the unthinkable and canceling your Netflix subscription, allow us to provide the counter-argument you need. Here are 30 shows you will miss and regret losing if you say goodbye to Netflix.

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