Roma deserves to win Best Picture at the Oscars

The 91st Academy Awards Ceremony is upcoming. Regardless of the drama and happenstance surrounding the ceremony, there’s one thing for certain. Roma deserves to win Best Picture.

This Sunday, the Oscars will be awarded to the elite of the film industry this year. Some may be unaired, some will get pushed to the end, or maybe not. The Academy has had issues all year, including the absence of a host. However, that’s all in the past, now the focus is on the winners.

Roma is wonderfully written, shot, acted, and directed. It was nominated for a total of 10 awards including Best Picture, Best Foreign Language Film, Best Cinematography, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Director.

A large part of the credit goes to writer/director Alfonso Cuaron who had recently won an Academy Award for his work on 2013’s Gravity. Not to mention the wonderful performances by Yalitza Aparicio as Cleo and Marina de Tavira as Sofia that earned Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, respectively.

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How does Roma stack up against the other Nominees? 

The main focus of the Oscars is the Best Picture race, where it is up against seven other films. Realistically, only one or two of those seven have a real chance at this award, but the heavy favorite is Roma.

This is simply due to the fact that it’s the best film of the bunch. The others are good in their own rights with a few standing out, but the comparison stops there. Cuaron delivers a deeply emotional semi-autobiographical story of his upbringing where the focus is on the live-in maid, Cleo. Set against the backdrop of 1970’s Mexico City where protests and violence took to the streets, Roma focuses on the trails and tribulations of the poor and wealthy families in the city.

Critical Success

Roma has amassed 70+ awards won so far and this includes a number of Best Pictures. The highlights of these awards include the Best Picture at the British Academy Film and Television Media (BAFTA) awards and the Best Director at the Director’s Guild of America. Not to mention countless critic awards and honors at Film Festivals around the world. All of this points in the direction where Cuaron and company take home many of these awards.

It doesn’t matter how much fun people had at Bohemian Rhapsody or the snappy dialogue from Vice. The complete film here that delivers on all fronts is Roma. It takes home the Best Picture and also delivers Netflix its first Academy Award for Best Picture.

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