Abducted in Plain Sight on Netflix: Biggest jaw-dropping moments

Abducted in Plain Sight Netflix documentary via Media Center courtesy Netflix
Abducted in Plain Sight Netflix documentary via Media Center courtesy Netflix /

Netflix has resurfaced Abducted in Plain Sight and our jaws are on the floor. Let’s go over the most shocking moments!

Abducted in Plain Sight premiered in the year 2017, but failed to capture much attention. Well, leave it to Netflix to skyrocket any movie or show to popularity. After making its debut on the streaming service earlier this month, audiences couldn’t stop talking about the documentary, going to Twitter with hilarious and shocked reactions.

The crime documentary follows the Broberg family as they recount the horrifying and bizarre events they went through many years ago. Mary Ann and Bob Broberg’s young daughter, Jan, was kidnapped by a family friend, Robert “B” Berchtold, a grown man. But that’s not nearly the most shocking part.

Did B blindside the family? Were there no signs leading up to the multiple times B abused Jan? Unfortunately, this is what makes Abducted in Plain Sight so insane, the parents initially didn’t see the obvious red flags, and when they did, they stood idly by.

Assuming you’ve already seen the documentary on Netflix, we’ll jump right into things and remember the biggest jaw-dropping moments. If you have yet to watch it, spoilers ahead!

Watch the trailer below: 

Jan is kidnapped

Jan is taken with her mother’s, Mary Ann, permission. B tells Jan’s parents they’ll be going to ride horses and will return in a few hours. As a parent, this is a big no-no. It’s not only strange for a grown man to have an interest in taking a young child (that isn’t his his) out, but why only her and not Jan’s siblings as well?

When they weren’t back by morning (because the Broberg’s felt it was fine to wait all night for them), everyone became worried. Not concerned enough to call the police, though. Why? One of the reasons is that they didn’t want to upset B’s wife. No, really, that’s what they say in the documentary as if it makes any sense at all. Four days go by before authorities are called.

Mary Ann’s affair with B

Behind her husband’s back, Mary Ann had an affair with B. Now, you may believe this is why she was so trusting and didn’t believe B would harm Jan, but their affair didn’t happen until after B kidnapped Jan for the first time. That’s right, instead of staying clear off B and working on getting him behind bars, Mary Ann fancied him.

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Bob’s affair with B

Once again, you read that right. Mary Ann was not the only one who took a liking to B. Although, what Bob and B had wasn’t exactly an affair. It was something a lot more…strange.

As Bob recounts the events, he and B went out for a drive one day. Suddenly, B stops the car and asks Bob for some help getting “relief.” Bob is shocked at first, but then agrees to “help” B out. Wow. Supposedly, nothing like this ever happened again.


When B kidnapped Jan, he implanted a story in the young girl’s head: Aliens. He disguised his voice and made up an entire story about how they weren’t fully human. Jan was brainwashed into believing she was on a mission and needed to have a child with B. If she doesn’t, those she loves will suffer. Jan believed this lie for many years.

Jan is kidnapped, again

I mean, what was this family expecting after allowing B back into their lives after he kidnapped Jan the first time! Honestly, it’s surprising the parents weren’t charged for severe neglect. To make matters worse, Jan’s parents don’t suspect B. In fact, they believe B is the only person Jan contacts to let him know she’s okay. Wild.

Truly, the entire documentary is a shock-fest. Our jaws are on the floor for so long, we don’t realize it until our mouth begins to feel dry. The Ted Bundy Tapes don’t have anything on Abducted in Plain Sight, streaming on Netflix.

What did you think of the documentary? Which moments did you find the most shocking? I know we’re missing several other insane moments, but there are just too many to list!

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