9 Netflix shows in danger of being canceled in 2019

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Insatiable Netflix

Insatiable — Photo credit: Tina Rowden/Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center

Many Netflix shows have already received their cancellation or renewal notice. Here’s a look at 9 Netflix shows in danger of being canceled in 2019.

Netflix seemed to go on a cancellation spree last year, especially when it came to the Marvel shows. It’s left many fans worried about the fates of others. Some Netflix shows are more in danger of being canceled in 2019 than others.

Every show on this list is a Netflix Original, whether worldwide or in specific countries. This means that Netflix has a part in making a decision on whether to cancel or renew.

Some of the shows on this list have been renewed for new seasons that will air sometime in 2019. However, that doesn’t mean they’re safe for the backend of the year and that’s why they make this list.

There are many reasons for the streaming service to decide whether to cancel or renew a series. Total viewership is the main reason, but we don’t get an idea of the total viewers for most of the shows. Netflix will release the odd information now and then, such as stating Daredevil was the fourth most-watched show when it was released making us all scratch our heads as to why it was canceled.

Since I can only rely on social media mentions of a show, reviews, and my own thoughts on a series, I could be completely off the mark. However, I’ve started to get good at guessing whether primetime shows are going to be canceled or renewed and I did guess shows like Everything Sucks! (a travesty that was canceled, by the way) and Iron Fist would be canceled before the announcement was made.

So, these are my top 9 picks for shows in danger of being canceled.

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