The 100 season 6 premieres in April 2019

Credit: The 100 -- Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW -- © 2018 The CW Network
Credit: The 100 -- Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW -- © 2018 The CW Network /

The 100 season 6 will be on The CW before you know it. Here’s when the series will start Book Two.

The 100 season 5 finale finally brought an end to Book One in the YA novel series. Now it’s time to start Book Two and that’s sooner than you think. The CW has announced start dates for its remaining series and The 100 season 6 is on the list.

According to DeadlineThe 100 debuts its sixth season on April 30. That’s only about a week later than Season 5 debuted, so we can look for about the same end date.

The last we left Wonkru, they’d managed to escape the dying planet. Knowing they would have to remain in space for decades, they all decided to go into cryogenic sleep to survive. It had worked for the prisoners on the ship that they were now on, so why not them?

Clarke and Bellamy were the first two to be woken, which is when they learned that Monty and Harper decided not to go to sleep. They lived together on the ship and had a son, who would be the one to wake Clarke and Bellamy. It’s a good thing Monty and Harper remained awake, too. They were able to figure out that an original mission was to find a new planet and that’s what they’d managed to find.

The 100 Season 6 will pick up from this point. Clarke and Bellamy will need to figure out who to wake first and how to tell everyone that they’ll need to land on a new planet — one with two suns. Skaikru members are back to where they were when the series began, by landing on a planet without knowing what was down there. The Grounders that form Wonkru will become the Sky People they once feared.

Can they all learn their lessons from the events of the last five seasons? Will they be able to make friends with whoever is on this new planet?

There isn’t long until we’ll find out. The 100 season 6 will premiere on The CW on April 30.

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