Blumhouse’s Into The Dark: First trailer for Pooka is finally here

Hulu recently released its first trailer for Into The Dark: Pooka, the third installment of the seasonal anthology series. Check out our analysis and breakdown below.

Blumhouse’s seasonal anthology series has yet to disappoint and the teases of Into The Dark’s third installment seem to reinforce those positive reactions. A new trailer for Pooka, the series’ Christmas-themed feature adds evidence to those claims.

When the trailer for Into The Dark: Pooka begins, we can see that Wilson (Nyahsa Hatendi) is a struggling actor searching for work. He sees an ad on a bulletin board for an acting job. The audience can’t see what the gig is for but we all know that it’ll inevitably lead to Pooka.

The next glimpse worth noting is of Finn (Jon Daley) explaining the job to Wilson. Finn talks him through the basics, using a Pooka doll as a teaching tool during the interview. Wilson appears a bit apprehensive whilst listening to Finn but we know he ultimately accepts the job.

In the following shot, Wilson is taken over to the larger Pooka suit. It’s oddly set up in a case, almost as if on display. This glimpse at the case is brief but it confirms that Pooka is a popular kids’ toy in Hulu’s horror universe.

An outside glimpse of Wilson’s life reveals that Pooka is a newly branded toy being promoted everywhere possible. The news anchor (Katie Wilson) reporting on the story is very enthusiastic and has a bunch of kids in attendance waiting for Pooka’s launch.

Once the exciting bits are covered, the Pooka trailer turns a bit darker. One such image depicts Wilson voicing his concerns for his new job and how it’ll affect his relationship with Melanie (Latarsha Rose) and Ty (Jonny Berryman).

Melanie is a single mother and Wilson’s girlfriend. Melanie’s son, Ty is also in the picture and appears to be just as captivated by the Pooka craze. Wilson, however, isn’t so thrilled with playing Pooka.

Aside from his reservations on taking the job, Wilson is suspicious of the Pooka suit from the start. Glimpses in the trailer depict Wilson becoming slightly deranged — all of which takes place after he suits up.

While there’s no apparent correlation between Pooka and Wilson’s deranged state, the two are bound to be connected. Wilson seems like a normal enough guy until Pooka is introduced so there must be something lurking under the surface of this seemingly innocuous costume.

The final glimpses in the Pooka trailer worth mentioning are of Wilson’s life after accepting the gig as Pooka. Melanie can be seen throwing Wilson out of her home, he’s freaking out in a separate scene, and he seems to be experiencing a mental breakdown in another. How this will end is up for debate, but Wilson’s bloody hands and the cops being called in give us the impression it won’t end well.

Into The Dark: Pooka airs on December 7, 2018. For more on Blumhouse’s Into The Dark, follow us on the Hulu Watcher Twitter Account @HuluWatcherFS or on the Hulu Watcher Facebook Page.