Angel Parker hints at plot of Marvel’s Runaways Season 2 in new interview

Recently, we interviewed Angel Parker of Marvel’s Runaways to learn as much as possible about Catherine Wilder before the Season 2 Premiere. Find out what we learned below.

On the Hulu Original, Angel Parker plays Catherine Wilder. She’s a lawyer, loyal member of the P.R.I.D.E., and mother to Alex Wilder. Catherine and her son found themselves at odds in Season 1 when the Runaways’ fight with Jonah came to a head. The conflict ended with a wedge being driven between the parents and children but Catherine may be reuniting with her son sooner than expected.

During our interview with Angel Parker, she gave us all sorts of juicy teases about Season 2. The Runaways’ actress didn’t divulge anything too crucial to the plot but her comments definitely piqued our interest.

According to Parker, Catherine’s sole focus in Season 2 of Marvel’s Runaways will be “bringing Alex home”. He ran away at the end of Season 1 and the upcoming season will pick up immediately following the Pride kids’ escape.

Most of us already assumed the Pride parents would go on the hunt, Parker’s comments just reaffirm that theory. She also mentioned that Catherine and Geoffrey will be “utilizing every asset at their disposal” to ensure Alex is brought back to them.

Parker didn’t specify as to how but the Wilders have people in the Los Angeles Police Department working for them. And these people can be extremely useful in hunting Alex down. It’s also worth noting that the Runaways have been branded fugitives so one of them is bound to be picked up while out on a run. Our money is on Alex.

Additionally, Alex is probably going home because he could compromise the Wilder’s operation. They’ve kept their dark dealings under wraps for over 16 years but Alex has considered going public with the Pride’s secrets. The Wilders can’t allow their son to jeopardize all of that so they have to act. A clue as to how they’ll respond can be found in the Hulu Originals’ freshman season.

Back in Season 1, Catherine and Geoffrey Wilder toyed with the idea of injecting Molly with a serum that would erase specific memories. Their plan was to prevent Molly from talking about the Pride’s ceremonies but decided not to use the serum. And despite not using the serum, it may be reintroduced when Alex is returned home.

Apart from being the next logical step for the Wilders, Parker’s comments on Season 2 seem to back that theory up. She added that Catherine will “make some decisions she can’t take back” — and there are no lengths too extreme at this point. Parker wasn’t able to elaborate much further but just the notion of questionable decisions may be a sign that she and Geoffrey will do something they regret. Perhaps they will use the aforementioned serum on Alex.

Assuming they do use the serum on him, the Wilders could potentially turn their son into a traitor like he was in the comics. The comic version of Alex Wilder betrayed the Runaways to broker a deal with the Gibborum for protection and a similar deal could be struck with Jonah. He is essentially the television equivalent of the Gibborum — unless there are giant deities inhabiting their world.

Alex’s betrayal in the comics holds significance because there’ll need to be some precursor for the television adaptation to adapt that story-arc. Having Alex injected with the serum introduced in Season 1 would provide a perfect explanation and give him a reason to turn against his friends.

In doing so, Catherine and Geoffrey could manipulate their son into joining PRIDE. Since Marvel’s Runaways is bound to stray slightly from the source material, brainwashing Alex to become the PRIDE’s lackey is one way to go about that. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait much longer to find out.

For more on Marvel’s Runaways, check out the entirety of our interview with Angel Parker below.

Hulu Watcher: Angel, you’re reprising your role as Catherine Wilder on Marvel’s Runaways in Season 2, what can you tell us about your character heading into Season 2?

Angel Parker: Catherine and her husband [Geoffrey] are trying to find Alex. When Season 2 picks up, their main goal is bringing him home.

Marvel's Runaways

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HW: Does that plan involve Detective Flores?

Angel Parker: All I can say is we’re using all the resources at our disposal and that includes the police department.

HW: With Season 2 mirroring the Runaways’ comics, did you have to research your character’s backstory to prepare for this upcoming season? 

Angel Parker: Absolutely, I had to read the comics. More than anything I trust the showrunners because they’re really making sure we honor the original comic series and provide new fans with a series they can get behind as well.

HW: Does Catherine have any standout scenes in Season 2 that will change/affect the main plot?

Angel Parker: Yes, absolutely. She makes some decisions that can’t be taken back.

HW: Is there anything about your character that fans don’t already know, but would be surprised to learn?

Angel Parker: They’ll be shocked to see how far Katherine will go to bring Alex home. She doesn’t have many options in Season 2. All of the regret and conflict is gone. Now, she has one goal and that’s getting Alex back. And she’ll make that happen by any means necessary.

HW: Now that you’ve worked on a Marvel TV series, do you plan on participating in any potential crossovers?

Angel Parker: I hope so. Nothing is set in stone at the moment but that would be amazing. What I want are for the Agents of SHIELD to drop by. They’re in the comics and in the same universe so it makes sense. That’s what I’m hoping for.

HW: Outside of Marvel’s Runaways, are you interested in any other superhero movies or television shows? If you had your pick, which one would you appear in?

Angel Parker: I think they need a new lawyer in Black Panther 2. Yeah, I think Wakanda could really use a good lawyer.

HW: Outside of the superhero genre, you’re also appearing in a movie called Relish. What can you tell us about your role in that film?

Angel Parker:  It’s an independent film about a transgender teen who grows up in a group home. All the characters who live in the home come together to help him. The movie is about his life, coming to terms with being a teenager, and what he wants to do with his life. I play the group home specialist, Kristin Harrison. On the film, I actually got to work with an old friend [Mateus Ward] from Lab Rats. Sort of a Lab Rats reunion which was kinda fun.

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