The Walking Dead season 9, episode 6 recap: Who Are You Now?

A time jump, a feisty older Judith Grimes, and a whole new world is presented in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead continued with its head held up high in the aftermath of losing the one and only Rick Grimes. While many of us feared that the show would immediately feel his absence, it’s safe to say that the series has no intentions of slowing down, and it’s largely due to Miss Judith Grimes.

This week’s episode, “Who Are You Now?”, picks up approximately six years after Rick’s “death” as we hone in on the mysterious group of newbies that we briefly met last week. But perhaps the most heartbreaking thing the episode opens to is Michonne visiting Rick’s memorial and talking to him. Based on her appearance, the time jump becomes apparent right away.

Meanwhile, we head to the Kingdom where we learn Ezekiel and Carol (who has completely white hair now) are now married. They are #relationshipgoals and seeing them rebuild the Kingdom in the way they have is inspiring like nothing else.

Rosita, Aaron, Eugene, and some of the others catch up to Judith as she brings in the new group. Of course, their rules and “laws” dictate that they can’t just bring in this new group of people and trust them so easily.

Based on past experiences, this would be a grave mistake. But Judith wants nothing more than to save them and give them medicine and food so Aaron reluctantly agrees.

Carol and Ezekiel run into a bit of a problem back at the Kingdom when the pipes burst and they arrive to find Henry (he’s so old now!) fixing them up.

But he’s not the Henry we all remember, and in fact, with time, he has quite the sassy attitude, something Ezekiel is quick to shut down when Henry starts talking back.

After bringing in the new group into Alexandria, the tension is palpable as soon as Michonne comes galloping into see them standing there. The group includes Magna (the leader) and a few others including one deaf woman who are perplexed at the sight of Alexandria and how functional the community is.

Michonne is not quick to trust them and rejects the notion that they should be allowed into Alexandria without the council holding a vote. While Aaron tries to take the blame for bringing Magna’s group in, Judith chimes in to say that she is the one that did it.

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During the council meeting, Magna’s group is brought in for questioning while Michonne, Gabriel, Siddiq, and a few others sit as the panel that will decide whether or not the group can stay. Michonne is still hesitant about trusting them, and it turns out she isn’t wrong considering Magna is hiding a knife under her belt.

When asked who they were before we learn that amongst the group is a music teacher, high school student, a journalist, and a waiter. As Michonne’s suspicions continue to grow, she forces Magna to reveal a prison tattoo on her arm indicating that she was once incarcerated.

The Walking Dead gave us so many reveals this week with one of the biggest being that Rosita and Father Gabriel are an item! Yes, that’s right! Following a conversation about the newcomers and talking about if Michonne might change her mind, they kiss goodbye–leaving us all shook.

A hilarious conversation takes place between Eugene and Rosita when they are out in which he attempts to get Rosita to talk about Gabriel and then proceeds to imply that he would have been a better choice. Hmm, what do you guys think?

Carol and Henry are bombarded by the Saviors and their belongings and wagon are raided, and Jed even takes Carol’s wedding ring. This doesn’t end well for the group when Carol lights them all on fire in retaliation for trying to steal their stuff. Silly Saviors, didn’t anyone tell you to never mess with Carol?

The Walking Dead made comic book fans extremely happy when they showed Judith sitting on the stoop next to Negan’s cell as she worked on homework. For a story that originally had Carl in this situation, it now has Judith and we are so happy. It appears Judith and Negan have formed a friendship over the years, and she even does her homework with his help.

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Meanwhile, Eugene climbs up a water tower to get a signal for his radio but sees a herd of walkers headed in their direction. Trying to get down in a rush, he falls to the ground and gets injured as he and Rosita try to get away.

Magna manages to get out of her cell later in the episode with the intention of killing Michonne but changes her mind and hands her knife over to show a sign of trust. During this encounter, Judith is sitting on the stairs with a gun just in case Magna tried to do anything. How badass is she?!

Michonne tells Judith that Rick and Carl would have been proud of her, to which Judith asks why Michonne won’t help the newbies. Michonne says that Judith will understand someday, and after everything the group has gone through on The Walking Dead, we trust Michonne’s judgment.

In an episode of epic reveals, we learn that Michonne was pregnant with Rick’s child and meet their little boy for a brief second. Awww, how cute is that! Rick, come back home, you have a kid!

The next day, the group prepares to send the newbies packing as Michonne changes her clothes during which a scar is seen on her back in the shape of an X. Where did that come from!? As the group is saying their goodbyes, Michonne joins them to say that she will take them to another community (Hilltop) where she will talk to the leader and ask her to take them in. That’s something, right?

By the end of this week’s The Walking Dead, Eugene and Rosita are still on the run and eventually end up in a ditch and cover themselves in mud. But something is wrong, something is different..the walkers are…talking?!

“Where are they? They must close. Don’t let them get away.”

Welcome to The Walking Dead, the Whisperers. We look forward to getting to know you.

The Walking Dead airs every Sunday on AMC at 9 PM EST!

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