Everything we know about Blumhouse’s Into The Dark: Pooka so far

The third chapter in Blumhouse’s Into The Dark series is still a few weeks away from its premiere but a glimpse at the Christmas-themed feature has fans intrigued. Here’s everything we know about Pooka.

Blumhouse surprised everyone with an amazing premiere of their Into The Dark anthology series and haven’t disappointed fans yet. So far, only two episodes have aired but they’ve already given us hope in every following installment of the holiday-themed series.

As for the next episode in Blumhouse’s Into The Dark series, it’s called Pooka. The episode will center around Wilson (Nyasha Hatendi) and his arrival in a new town. He’s an aspiring actor searching for work but can’t seem to find anything that suits him. Fortunately, a little persuading from a potential employer gives Wilson the courage he needs to step out of his comfort zone.

The job in question requires Wilson to dress up in a giant costume based on a kid’s toy called Pooka. Wilson can be seen speaking to his employer while one of the Pooka dolls sits on his desk. It’s terrifying but the suit Wilson has to wear is a whole nother nightmare.

When he suits up, Wilson is clearly uncomfortable in the giant rabbit outfit. He walks around in the clunky costume, waddling like a duck. Wilson doesn’t get the chance to familiarize himself with the suit as he discovers there’s another problem.

The issue is that Wilson’s mind has become compromised because of the strange apparel. His Pooka costume is somehow interfering with his ability to keep track of time and he suspects something sinister is afoot. Wilson doesn’t understand exactly what’s going on but his suspicions are proven true as he witnesses an Evil Pooka manifesting itself.

There’s a chance Wilson isn’t in the Evil Pooka costume and a supernatural creature is framing him for murder. Of course, the hints at Wilson’s mental instability give us the impression he’s delusional about the whole situation.

Since the first two installments of Into The Dark featured characters suffering from psychological disorders, it’s distinctly possible Wilson is as well. If that’s the case, Wilson aka Pooka could turn out to be a Christmas killer.

What’s horrifying about that potential scenario is the Evil Pooka could begin his murderous rampage while at a kid’s birthday party. The Pooka costume that Wilson wears was made to promote a children’s cartoon character so he may lose himself to the evil entity possessing him while working. In that scenario, Pooka could turn out to be the bloodiest tale of Hulu’s Into The Dark series yet.

Blumhouse’s Into The Dark: Pooka premieres on December 7, 2018. For more on Into The Dark and Pooka, follow us on the Hulu Watcher Twitter Account @HuluWatcherFS or on the Hulu Watcher Facebook Page.