American Horror Story: Apocalypse episode 8 preview and sneak peek

Take a look at the American Horror Story: Apocalypse preview for episode 8 titled “Sojourn,” which airs Wednesday, Oct. 31.

After an important trip to Murder House, the action has shifted back to the coven’s efforts to stop Michael Langdon. Last week’s episode had a series of mini storylines as the coven each had their own missions to accomplish. By the end of the episode, the witches finally came out on top, at least for one specific battle. They may have also found a more suitable person to take over as Supreme.

Cordelia turned to Dinah in order to help her summon an old face, the ancient voodoo spirit from season 3, Papa Legba. The Supreme wanted to strike a deal with him to get rid of Langdon for good by trapping him in the Underworld. In turn, Papa Legba wanted the souls of her coven. Even though Nan appeared and helped urge Cordelia to take the deal, she refused to give up her girls. Meanwhile, Myrtle and Bubbles went to Hawthorne to get intel out of the warlocks. As Myrtle told her elaborate stories, Bubbles read the minds of Ariel and Baldwin. She found out their true intentions and realized they were behind John Henry’s murder.

Back at the academy, Mallory emerged as a strong candidate for the next Supreme. Zoe persuaded Cordelia to let Mallory take the Seven Wonders. Not only did Mallory pass, but she also resurrected John Henry.  With the truth about his death, the witches go after Ms. Mead. In the last sequence of the episode, Ariel, Baldwin, and Ms. Mead are sentenced to death for treason and murder. John Henry showed up just in time to do the honor by lighting the stakes.

Check out the trailer for this week’s episode:

Episode 8, titled “Sojourn,” shows Michael struggling with his identity as the Antichrist. Sitting across from an older woman, he yells his frustration by saying “nobody gave me an instruction manual.” He looks like he turns to another group of devil worshippers where will be introduced to a priestess played by Sandra Bernhard. It also seems that Evan Peters will be back portraying his fourth character in Apocalypse. He and Billy Eichner, equipped with matching bowl cuts, are assisting Michael in some way and claim to be Michael’s servants. Michael also comes face to face with Cordelia right after the death of his allies. Let’s just say, he doesn’t take it very well so this could prove very dangerous for the witches.

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