Why did Netflix cancel Luke Cage?

Over the weekend, Netflix canceled Luke Cage after two seasons, and now, we know a bit more about why.

Late last Friday, Netflix made the shocking announcement that Luke Cage would not be returning for a third season. This news came just days after the streaming giant said that they were happy with the other series after canceling Iron Fist.

Few questioned that cancellation given the way the show was received by critics in season 1. Despite a shortened (and much better) season 2, Iron Fist couldn’t be saved. The lack of viewership was easy to accept there but would be hard to sell for Luke Cage.

When the first season of Luke Cage was released it famously “broke Netflix” as people stayed up to binge the series the weekend it was released. With a strong cast and a foundation true to the streets of Harlem, support for the show was strong so fans were left confused and worried after the announcement of the cancellation was made. Now, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we have a better idea as to why the show was canceled.

According to a source, Luke Cage was not canceled for viewership but due to creative differences. The source went on to state that there was an “inability to agree to terms” for the third season. Considering that Netflix has full rights to the property one has to believe that these differences were likely between Netflix and the creators, though that cannot be verified at this time.

If this is the case, showrunner Cheo Coker does not seem to harbor any bad feelings towards the network for the decision. He responded via Twitter to say:

Mike Colter, who played the titular star, did not respond immediately but did have this to say last night.

Though fans of the characters are still holding out for spinoffs with Iron Fist and Luke Cage, the statements from the actors have not given us any hints that they’re coming. We’ll have to stay tuned for any updates.