American Horror Story: Apocalypse episode 6 recap: Return to Murder House

In episode 6 of American Horror Story: Apocalypse, Madison and Behold arrive at Murder House to find out more information about Michael. They encounter the spirits who knew him best including his first caregiver, Constance.

The episode we’ve all been waiting for was better than we could have ever imagined. Not only did we get insight into Michael’s life since the series left Murder House in season 1 but we were also given an update of many of the spirits stuck in the house. The episode was highlighted by numerous returning characters such as Constance and Tate Langdon, Moira, Billie Dean Howard, and the entire Harmon family.

The sixth episode titled “Return to Murder House” followed Madison and Behold as they arrive in California after they were sent by Cordelia during last week’s episode. For the pair to dig up dirt on Michael, they needed the house all to themselves so they purchase the house from a realtor, acting like a married couple. Before the man processes the sale, he warns them about the house’s history of break-ins, missing persons, and the deaths of 36 people linked to the property. Madison and Behold realize the house is exactly where they need to go to find their answers.

Waking the Spirits

When Madison and Behold enter the house, they see that it still looks lived in. Behold can instantly sense the souls trapped in there and Madison vows that this is her opportunity to redeem herself. Since they can’t find any ghosts, they perform a spell to force the spirits out of hiding. The spell works because they see the nurse and the two burned children. Tate is talking to Ben during a session and complains that Violet still won’t talk to him. Madison and Behold walk in on them and announce that they can see them. Tate and Ben are confused because ghosts control when they want to be seen. Madison tells them that they are here to get answers about Michael but the ghosts just give them a warning.

After the red ball rolls down the steps, Madison picks it up and is attacked by Infantata. Billie Dean Howard intervenes and explains that she’s a medium that looks after the house. The spirits there trust her so she can come and go as she pleases. Before she can say more, Constance descends from the stairs and asks Madison and Behold what they are doing in her house. Billie explains that they’re witches but Constance is still preoccupied feuding with Moira. We learn that Constance died in the house and is now bound to it just like the others. Madison asks Constance about Michael but she refuses to help them for free. In exchange for information, they must get rid of Moira for good.

Grandma Constance

Madison and Behold dig up Moira’s bones in the backyard and explain to her what Constance asked them to do. With her bones, she can now leave the house so they bury her with her mother at the cemetery. Moira’s spirit arrives at the grave where she is greeted by her mother. The two walk away hand in hand in one of the most heartwarming scenes AHS has ever given us.

Now that Moira is out of the picture, Madison and Behold want their questions answered. Constance reveals that she is Michael’s grandmother and that Tate is his father. She thought the child was a perfect angel and this was her chance at a do-over. Over time, she thought she was raising a future serial killer due to the unspeakable acts of killing small animals and leaving them for her as gifts. Constance tried to ignore it and instead find a silver lining by burying the bodies while planting rose bushes. She thought maybe she was put on the earth to raise monsters but then things got out of hand.

After Michael killed the babysitter (as shown at the end of season 1), he grew a decade overnight. He was starting to become more violent, even towards Constance. She called a priest as an intervention but Michael just killed him too. Constance said the situation broke her and she felt like her presence didn’t matter anymore. She decided to go to the house and take her own life before Michael kills her. When her spirit woke up she was greeted by three of her kids who are also bound to the house, including Tate. She knew then that she never wanted to see Michael again.

Ben’s Influence

Next, Madison and Behold go to Ben for his input on Michael. He first encountered a grown-up Michael after he came to the house searching for his grandmother. Ben saw how upset Michael was so he offered to help him as a patient. He could see that Michael truly wanted to be good and realized how brilliant his mind was. Ben treated him as if he was his real son, even having a few father-son moments. Everything changed after Michael found Tate’s Rubber Man mask. Tate said the other ghosts told him that Tate was his dad but Tate refuses to believe it because he can sense how evil Michael seemed to be.

Ben witnessed Michael turn to the dark side shortly after his altercation with Tate. Michael started to operate on the other ghosts as if they were play thing. While wearing the Rubber Man suit, he even killed two women who moved into the house. Not only did he kill the innocent women, but he also made them cease to exist by burning their souls which really worried Ben.

Vivien Tells the Dark Truth

After learning of these events, Madison thinks they should leave and warn Cordelia because they need to stop Michael right away. Vivien enters the room and tells them it won’t be easy. She confesses that she stopped talking to Ben because she hated Michael and the fact that Ben was helping him. When Ben leaves to take care of the baby, Vivien tells Madison and Behold that nothing about Michael was natural from the start.

When Michael was in the house, there were crows circling the sky and it always felt extremely hot in the house. Then, a group of devil worshippers arrived, which included Ms. Mead (and Naomi Grossman who played Pepper in AHS!), and they referred to Michael as their “lord.” They followed a dark star to find their chosen one and they were there to show him his true path.

Ms. Mead picks up a random girl alone at a bus stops and offers to give her a ride. After she gets in and realizes something is off, Ms. Mead injects the girl with some kind of needle and the girl passes out. She wakes up in the house surrounded by the devil worshippers. They perform a satanic ritual on her by killing her and taking out her heart. They then offer the heart to Michael and he takes a big bite out of it as the shadow of a devil emerges behind him. Vivien knew she had to get rid of him so she attempted to kill him before Michael set the room on fire and Tate had to save her. After that event, Michael left and Vivien admits that the source of darkness is his only true father. She knows he will destroy the world someday.

Goodbye Murder House

Madison feels like she got all the information she needs to understand what Michael is capable of. She must get back to New Orleans to tell the coven that Michael is the Antichrist. Behold admits that the warlocks wanted a leader but he can’t support Michael knowing who he truly is. Before they leave the house for good, Madison hears Violet crying so she goes to talk to her. Violet says she doesn’t know anything about Michael but Madison is there to talk about Tate.

Madison sensed the trouble between them and feels like Violet still loves Tate. Madison believes that the house used Tate as a vessel for his evil wrongdoings but assures her the evil in him also left with Michael. Madison puts a spell on Violet so she can see more clearly. It works because as Madison exits the house, Violet finally acknowledges Tate and the two embrace. Now, the witches and warlocks must do whatever they can to stop Michael using the new information they have.

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