Will there be a sequel to Blumhouse’s Into The Dark: The Body?

While Blumhouse’s Into The Dark anthology series is comprised of independent stories that won’t necessarily see follow-ups made, its first installment could be the exception. The Body’s conclusion left us with a cliffhanger of sorts, leaving the door open for a sequel.

Blumhouse’s Into The Dark series has been described as a collection of individual features. Each episode will be holiday themed and released monthly. Unlike most Hulu series, only one episode of Into The Dark will debut each month. October’s entry, The Body, turned out to be quite the hit with fans.

Paul Davis and Paul Fischer’s horror feature hasn’t become an overnight sensation, but fans have given The Body their seal of approval. Just about everyone who’s taken the time to view The Body has something positive to say about it. And enough people have become intrigued by the plot that we should begin discussing the possibility of a sequel.

Warning! Spoilers for Into The Dark: The Body follow. If you haven’t seen it, stop reading now.

At the moment, none of the announcements made by Hulu have indicated the streamer’s intent to develop more seasons of Blumhouse’s Into The Dark. The series appears to be constructed in a single-run format, which means Hulu’s contract with Blumhouse might only consist of one season. But in the off-chance that Hulu’s executives see the massive potential Into The Dark clearly possesses, a second season may feature follow-ups to the stories introduced in Season 1.

Assuming that’s the case, The Body is the perfect candidate to receive the sequel treatment. In its conclusion, Maggie (Rebecca Rittenhouse) ambushed the unsuspecting Wilkes (Tom Bateman), shooting him in the chest. She then jumps on top of Wilkes, twisting the wound to cause further pain. At the same time, Maggie gives a brief monologue where she admits to Wilkes that his philosophies make sense.

What that means is Maggie has developed a killer personality of her own. She was on the verge of murdering someone before meeting Wilkes — but now, Maggie has done it herself.

The reason we should acknowledge Maggie’s newfound philosophy is because this may lead to a career change. Now that Maggie has satiated her thirst for blood, she could develop an urge for killing. She probably won’t become a serial killer, but life as a contract killer isn’t out of the question.

Maggie witnessed Wilkes working through the night and provided a lot of assistance to him. If she was able to help a professional contract killer to that degree, one can only imagine what Maggie is capable of on her own.

If Maggie is in line to become a contract killer like Wilkes, a follow-up installment in Season 2 could depict her on a job similar to Wilkes’ last assignment. We shouldn’t expect to see a plot identical to the first play out, but Maggie convincing an unwitting group of people to carry a dead body around the city sounds like a promising start.

While Maggie is a strong woman capable of handling herself, she could easily feign weakness and convince some bystanders to help carry the prop body. Maggie’s scheme would likely work until an unforeseen event causes the truth to come out. At that point, the night would mirror Wilkes’ wild ride in Season 1.

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Theories aside, we’ll have to wait and see how popular Blumhouse’s Into The Dark becomes before speculating on a sophomore season. It may or may not happen, but the door is open to explore more of The Body’s world nonetheless.

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