Castle Rock Season Finale recap: Romans

In the Castle Rock finale, the two Henry Deavers must come to accept their connection to each other. Can they find the peace they deserve? Will Castle Rock finally be safe? Find out in our recap of Castle Rock Season 1 Episode 10 below.

“We’ve been here before; we’ll be here again,” says Ruth Deaver (Sissy Spacek). Time does not move normally in Castle Rock, and neither does space. But, can two realities exist side by side without consequences? That is what we find out in Episode 10 of Hulu’s Castle Rock.

The Kid (Bill Skarsgård), who we now know as the alternative Henry Deaver, is in his cell in Shawshank Prison. Warden Dale Lacy (Terry O’Quinn) brings him some food and says grace. He tells The Kid that he never had children because he was waiting on instructions from God about what to do with The Kid. And then he points a gun at alt-Henry, who eagerly sticks his head forward through his cage. But, something compels Warden Lacy not to shoot.

In the present, Henry Deaver (André Holland) is looking for his mother. Ruth Deaver has disappeared, having become distraught over the death of Alan Pangborn (Scott Glenn).

Meanwhile, Molly Strand (Melanie Lynskey) is still trying to understand the story of the alternate Castle Rock that The Kid has just told her. Why did he tell her this story? “To you, we’re strangers. But, I’ve known you all my life,” says The Kid. He needs Molly to convince Henry to go with him to the woods. He’s the only other person who can hear the sound, which is likely a gateway between the two realities. But, before he leaves, Molly has a question for the alternate Henry. What was she like in the other reality? “Happier.”

Molly tries to call Henry but only gets his voicemail, so she heads out in search of him. She doesn’t know that Henry couldn’t have answered the phone even if he wanted to — a group of birds viciously attack his car, causing him to crash. Something dangerous is happening in Castle Rock tonight.

While Molly is out searching for Ruth, she finds the elderly Deaver standing on Pangborn bridge. She thinks Ruth is confused about Pangborn’s death but Ruth knows she killed him. Ruth’s memories are muddled, and at times, she doesn’t know whether Pangborn is alive or dead. Molly tries to talk Ruth down but nothing catches her attention — that is until Molly piques Ruth’s interest with a peek into a life she could’ve lived. A life where Ruth leaves her husband, Reverend Matthew Deaver, and go away with Pangborn. Ruth is surprised, even impressed. It’s the first time Molly has mentioned this to her. Perhaps Ruth doesn’t have to jump.

Back at Shawshank Prison, 152 prisoners have been transferred out. Warden Teresa (Ann Cusack) is overseeing the closing of the prison, following Officer Dennis Zalewski’s murderous rampage. She is clearly stressed, and when she gets back home, she immediately lights a cigarette. But, just as she is relaxing, she sees a crumpled piece of paper that shouldn’t be there. She then notices dirt on the floor and then finds a small figurine of herself on the coffee table. Who got into her house and left this for her?

Reverend Deaver (Adam Rothenberg) and young Henry Deaver (Caleel Harris) are walking through the woods in winter. The Reverend asks his son if he can hear the sound and Henry lies that he does. Reverend Deaver doesn’t believe him and blames his wife for putting falsehoods in their son’s head. He believes Ruth and Pangborn are together and for the sin of adultery, she will be punished… with death. Henry knows which quotation his father is referring to – Romans. 6:23. His father intends to murder his mother.

Henry is remembering this in the present as he recovers from his car crash. There is snow all around now. A pedestrian shows him a dead bird, saying the same thing is happening all over town. He blames it on global warming. He has no idea what Castle Rock is up against.

Castle Rock — “Romans” – Episode 110 – Some birds can be caged. Wendel Deaver (Chosen Jacobs) and Henry Deaver (Andre Holland), shown. (Photo by: Dana Starbard/Hulu)

Henry’s son Wendell (Chosen Jacobs) was supposed to have gone to Boston to his mother, but he seems to have got off the bus and returned to Castle Rock. He couldn’t have chosen a worse time. Walking through the woods on his way home, Wendell comes across a crime scene being investigated. Odin (Charles Jones), who had theorized about schismas to Henry, lies dead, shot in the face with an arrow. His protégé, Willie (Rory Culkin), stands proudly by.

Henry gets back home and is relieved to find his mother is all right. Molly has brought her back from the bridge. However, this is not the time to celebrate Ruth’s return. Molly tells Henry The Kid’s story, especially how bad things happen wherever he goes, and that Henry had had the same effect on the other Castle Rock while he was there. The two Henrys are the key to opening the door between the two worlds, a door that The Kid believes will not be open for long.

Henry believes none of it and has no intention of going to the woods with The Kid. But, even if he did believe this story, as far as he is concerned, whoever goes to the woods, ends up dead — his father in this reality, Molly in the other reality. He doesn’t want to take the risk of someone else dying.

Wendell is at the police station waiting to be picked up by his dad. As happy as Henry is to see his son, what Wendell tells him next terrifies him. Wendell heard a sound, a sound calling him to the woods. He could no longer stay on the bus.

The not-so-kindly officer Henry had encountered on the night of Alan Pangborn’s death asks Henry about Odin Branch. She says a witness, Willie, mentioned an argument between Odin and Henry, and now Odin is dead. Henry will have to be questioned.

Warden Teresa is at Molly’s real estate office. She demands to know where The Kid is and, when Molly dithers, Teresa hands her the figurine and says that Warden Lacy was right about The Kid being the devil. Molly can see Teresa is disturbed and offers to let her come inside but Teresa walks away stridently… into the path of an oncoming Shawshank bus. Molly can only scream.

Castle Rock — “Romans” – Episode 110 – Some birds can be caged. Bill Skarsgard and Henry Deaver (Andre Holland), shown. (Photo by: Dana Starbard/Hulu)

Henry is being questioned by the police but he’s distracted by the humming sound again. He asks for his phone call and contacts Molly. At the police station, Molly and Henry mull over the figurine of Warden Teresa. But, there are more pressing matters for Henry. He wants Molly to take Wendell back to Boston and then he wants her to go as far away from Castle Rock, and him, as possible. Before leaving, Molly tells Henry where The Kid is: the cemetery at Harmony Hill.

The Kid is standing in the cemetery, as Molly said, looking at one grave in particular. That is where the police find him. They arrest him as he looks upon the grave with an inscription that reads “Deaver Boy, Born to Heaven”. Was that alt-Henry in this reality?

Molly is taking Wendell to Boston, as promised. She tries to tell him that Henry is innocent and Wendell believes it but he’s curious whether the goings-on in Castle Rock has anything to do with the sound in the woods. She can say nothing to that.

The Kid is taken to jail and put a few cells away from his namesake. He knows Henry sent the police after him; he would have done the same. He’s concerned about the time-frame, though. If the sound stops, the portal closes, and he is stuck here. Which means more people in Castle Rock will die. “I can’t stop it. I’m not supposed to be here.”

Henry asks The Kid who he is but refuses to accept his answer. The Kid reminds Henry about the dreams he has about being in a basement, in a cage. Henry is rattled but doesn’t answer. The Kid understands why Henry doesn’t remember it all; it would have been overwhelming. He believes if Henry sees alt-Henry’s house, the memories will return to him.

Henry asks The Kid what would have happened if his father hadn’t died, mainly because he wanted to know what would’ve happened if his parents had stayed together. The Kid says that his father would have killed Ruth. Romans 6:23. Henry has no time to think of this. He is transferred to The Kid’s cell, so as to make way for all the prisoners who were on the bus that hit the warden. Things are going to go so pear-shaped.

Jackie Torrance (Jane Levy) is keeping an eye on Ruth, but she isn’t having it. She doesn’t want to be coddled. On her nightstand is the queen from her chess-set, and she remembers the day young Pangborn asked her to leave with him and then the day they were reunited. She doesn’t seem to know what’s happening to her son.

In the cells, The Kid’s noxious presence takes its toll on the prisoners. Friendly ribbing turns into fights which turn into an all-out assault. Shooting, stabbing, punching. The prisoners and the guards are soon dead, and the keys to the cell land at The Kid’s feet. He is used to the horrors by now and nonchalantly walks away, asking Henry to join him. Henry is unaccustomed to such violence and it takes him some time to gather the strength to join his namesake.

The death and destruction weren’t limited to the cells. Everyone in the precinct is dead. As is Willie, who, with his dying breath tells Henry not to go outside. But The Kid is impatient; he points a gun at Henry and makes him go to the woods with him.

In the woods, Henry has flashbacks to the day he ran away from his father. And then the noise returns. The birds above act crazy, like the day when Henry ran away and disappeared to that other reality.

We see the young Henry trying to escape his father, backtracking on his footsteps so as to make it look like he fell off a cliff. While his father looks on confused at the cliff edge, young Henry pushes him over the side. The sound becomes deafening, for both young Henry and present Henry. He attacks The Kid and gets the gun from him. The Kid looks up and growls at him — his true form finally appears. It’s only a small glance but the shot lasts long enough to determine that The Kid isn’t so much of a kid, as he is a “monster”.

One year later, Henry is back in court, speaking to his client about property law. Back at home, Wendell greets him happily, and they play chess together. Molly’s real-estate company is doing well and she has reconnected with her grandmother.

We see Henry at the grave of his mother, who has been buried with Pangborn. Henry heads to Shawshank and to the hidden area where Lacy had the Kid in a cage. Henry is keeping him in there now. He brings him food to eat; a celebration because Christmas is tomorrow.

“I know you still have doubts, Henry,” says The Kid, before asking how long they have to keep this up. “After a while, you forget which side of the bars you’re on.” Warden Lacy used to tell The Kid that. “Look how things turned out for him,” says The Kid before his demon side looks straight at the camera.

In a mid-credits scene, Jackie Torrance is writing her book about serial killers; she plans to go to Overlook Hotel for some writing inspiration. That hasn’t traditionally gone well for anyone with the last name Torrance. Nevertheless, it’ll be interesting to see Jackie live up to her namesake.

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