Castle Rock Season Finale: Did Jackie Torrance tease a spin-off series?

After the Season 1 Finale of Castle Rock wrapped up Henry Deaver’s fight with the monster from another world, a post-credits scene was tagged onto it. In it, a major tease for what’s to come in Season 2 was presented. Though, a spinoff could also be in the cards.

In case you switched off last night’s season finale of Hulu’s Castle Rock before the final credits rolled, you probably missed a post-credits scene that holds some massive potential if the plot thread is developed.

Warning! Spoilers for the Season 1 Finale of Castle Rock follow. You’ve been warned.

During those final moments, we see Jackie working on a laptop. She’s writing something but the audience can’t see what it is — that is until a friend walks over and inquires into her project. And apparently, Jackie is working on a novel. It’s a retelling of her experiences in Castle Rock, specifically, her encounters with Gordon and Lilith.

While she’s typing on her laptop, Jackie is narrating the story, speaking of how she sliced open Gordon’s head with an ax. This would seem like something a reasonable person would speak of with regret, but when Jackie talks about the subject, it’s in such a matter-of-fact kind of way. She even goes on to note how her axing skills could’ve been more efficient. This could spell trouble for Jackie considering her family has a penchant for murder.

Jackie finishes up her explanation by noting how she’s going to spend time finishing her book at a hotel that holds significance to her. She doesn’t mention the hotel name but the title of her book is the Overlook, and that’s a big enough indication to know she’s referring to the Overlook Hotel from The Shining.

At the moment, we don’t know the context of Jackie’s final moments. But, there must be something to what she’s saying. Unless J.J. Abrams and Stephen King wanted to tease fans with a ruse, a plan for Jackie Torrance to live up to her namesake has to be in the cards.

Whatever’s being planned for Jackie Torrance, a tease of The Shining has every fan licking their lips for the events that follow. Whether a spin-off is being planned, or if Season 2 of Castle Rock will explore Jackie’s obsession with murder, it’s going to be really interesting to see how things play out.

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