The Act Season 2: What true-crime story should the Hulu series adapt next?

While Hulu’s The Act is months away from its series premiere, the seasonal anthology series has plenty of true stories to base Season 2 around. The question is, which true-crime story should The Act focus on in those seasons?

For anyone with unfamiliar with Hulu’s The Act, it’s a seasonal anthology series centered around true-crime stories that are stranger-than-fiction. Season 1 was revealed to follow the mysterious murder of Dee Dee Blanchardes. An account of Dee Dee’s murder was first posted in a BuzzFeed article written by Michelle Dean. Dean’s article goes over the entirety of Dee Dee’s complex story, as well as the events which ultimately led to her murder. Patricia Arquette is set to depict Hulu’s adaptation of Dee Dee while Joey King plays Dee Dee’s rebellious daughter, Gypsy.

As for Season 2, there’s no telling if it’ll happen at all. A reasonable person might even think it’s extremely premature to discuss such topics. But, considering Hulu’s The Act is billed as a “seasonal” anthology series, it’s presumably a reliable indication of more seasons to follow. So, as long as Season 1 performs well enough, Hulu will most likely renew The Act for a second season.

Assuming Hulu’s plan does include more seasons of The Act, it’ll be interesting to see what true-crime stories are explored in them. There are plenty of stranger-than-fiction stories to draw inspiration from, of course, the type that’ll garner the most attention is topical.

What comes to mind as of late is the shooting of an unarmed black man in Dallas. The story circulating around is that a white-female police officer walked into the wrong apartment and fatally wounded a man whom she assumed was an intruder. Regrettably, the victim wasn’t an intruder; the officer merely walked into the wrong apartment.

The details reported indicate the officer mistakenly walked into a neighbor’s another apartment then opened fire, and her actions are being recorded as such. However, recent information revealed that the officer knew the man she killed, and apparently, they possessed some kind of prior relationship. These details haven’t been verified, but the suspicion has been raised regardless. And with that, the potential for an even stranger story could be at play here.

Speculative points aside, this shooting of a defenseless black man in Dallas comes at a time when these cases are cropping up daily. As such, the Dallas shooting is a topic worth exploring in Season 2 of The Act. A small-screen adaptation would also present the bizarre case in a way that people can see all the facts without being deprived of crucial information. Thus, granting audiences a more accurate interpretation of the events which took place.

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