Better Call Saul season 4, episode 6 review: Kim makes power moves

Kim throws Jimmy for a loop regarding their future as partners in episode six of Better Call Saul season 4.

Pinata, the sixth episode of the fourth season, begins in the past. Jimmy is working as a mail clerk at HHM, and he’s busy chatting with employees and collecting everyone’s Oscar pool picks and monies. Kim is also on her mail room route and runs into Jimmy.

Chuck comes out of his office to applause from colleagues over a successful case. Kim begins rattling off all the legal maneuvers and consequences of this win, while Jimmy is not interested in keeping up. Kim speaks with Chuck and can’t help gushing as she discusses the case. As Kim and Jimmy continue their mail routes, Jimmy steps into the law firm’s library.

In the present, Kim is up late preparing briefs for Mesa Verde while leaving recorded notes for Viola. Kim is tired and restless, and she has a hard time keeping her focus on Mesa Verde when there’s a pile of criminal cases sitting right next to her. Kim finishes her work and joins Jimmy in bed. Kim finds Jimmy has designed signage for their new law offices in the future.

Jimmy is busily making breakfast when Kim joins him in the kitchen. Kim asks Jimmy about his day and when she realizes the cell phone store isn’t busy, she asks if he had enough free time to make an appointment with the therapist she recommended. Jimmy tells Kim he’s decided not to see a therapist, and Kim lets it go at first but then she asks why he changed his mind. Jimmy tells Kim he wants to try moving forward and see how that works out for him.

Kim meets with Rich, a lawyer from a prestigious law firm that’s in direct competition with HHM. Kim gave Rich’s firm the Gatwood Oil case, and now Kim is back to offer Rich a deal. After turning down Rich’s offer of employment a couple of seasons ago, Kim wants to bring Mesa Verde to his firm and build up a banking division.

Gus and Mike tour a large warehouse that holds two mobile homes. Mike sketches out for Gus what it would take to set up the area both for living and security. Mike tells Gus they must make the conditions bearable for the men who will build the project in secret. Mike also tells Gus they need cameras both inside and outside the warehouse. Gus tells Mike to do whatever it takes. Gus’ man joins them and whispers to Gus that “he has a serious infection.” Gus allows Mike to get to work.

Jimmy receives a call while working at the cell phone store. It turns out one of Jimmy’s elderly clients has died and the nephew needs help as executor of the will. Jimmy is upset to hear the woman died, then he’s more upset to turn down the offer for legal work, and he refers the man to HHM. Kim calls Jimmy while he’s at work and asks him to meet her for lunch.

Jimmy joins Kim at the hotel restaurant they ran their couples’ scam a few seasons ago, and Jimmy calls Kim by her alter ego, Giselle. Kim tells Jimmy she just wants them to be Kim and Jimmy for lunch and Jimmy agrees. Kim tells Jimmy Rich wants her to build up his banking division. Jimmy automatically assumes Kim turned Rich down, but Kim tells Jimmy she’d be entering the firm as a partner. Jimmy excuses himself and has a panic attack at the back of the restaurant. When Jimmy returns to the table, he tells Kim he supports her decision to join Rick’s firm.

Mike visits his daughter-in-law’s house. Mike apologizes for how he said what he said in group therapy. Mike believes the man is a charlatan but says there’s a time and place to call someone out and that wasn’t the time and place. Mike offers to pick up his granddaughter from school the following day and his daughter-in-law agrees to this idea.

Jimmy arrives at HHM to pick up his inheritance check and notices most of the cubicles are empty. Jimmy asks Howard what is going on, and Howard tells Jimmy the firm is suffering from a poor reputation after everything that has happened.

Jimmy is about to walk out the door but turns on his heel and tells Howard he needs to fight for his firm. Jimmy calls Howard a terrible lawyer but a brilliant salesman. Howard lashes out at Jimmy using an expletive and Jimmy encourages Howard to use that energy to go out there and sell HHM to people.

Jimmy uses his five thousand dollars to buy more pay-as-you-go cellphones, and he stores them at his rented office space at the nail salon. Mrs. Nguyen tells Jimmy that he can’t store his phones there, but Jimmy tells her the phones won’t be there very long; he gives Mrs. Nguyen a cellphone to buy her cooperation. Mrs. Nguyen tells Jimmy that get rich quick schemes never work.

Hector Salamanca is lying lifeless in his hospital bed while Gus watches over him. Gus tells Hector it’s unlikely he will ever wake up because he is currently fighting an infection. In this hospital bedside scene, we get Gus Fring’s backstory and it is chilling. Gus tells Hector the story of how he grew up poor and how he tended to an abandoned mango tree. Gus contrasts his story of being a caring gardener with a ruthless torturer. Gus recounts setting up a snare for an animal that ate mangos from his tree. Gus tells Hector he waited for the hurt animal for hours and when the animal came out, he caught it instead of mercifully killing it. Gus tells Hector he believes he will wake.

Mike greets the newly arrived German builders and begins setting out the rules. Kai, an arrogant man more interested in beer, resists Mike’s attempts to take control of the situation. Mike tells his security men to keep an eye out for Kai and to pay attention to what he does or says.

Jimmy goes back out to the streets and approaches the three punks that mugged him. Jimmy attempts to make peace with the guys by offering them a slice of his phone business, but the three friends attempt to mug Jimmy again. Jimmy runs as fast as he can and traps the three in a dead-end area. As the leader of the pack approaches Jimmy, two men in black ski masks grab them.

The next time we see the boys, they are in a pinata store, hanging upside down, and their mouths are taped shut. Jimmy asserts his authority and demands the three leave him alone as he conducts his business, while the masked figures walk towards them while smashing pinatas that are in their way. The young men cry and agree quickly to leave Jimmy alone. Jimmy demands the three tell everyone on the streets to leave him alone, and again, they agree. The three thugs are left hanging upside down as Jimmy’s thief from the Bavarian Boy job and Huell take off their ski masks and leave.

Jimmy tells the thugs this was their first and last warning, throws down the baseball bat, and then leaves.

There are only four episodes left in Better Call Saul season 4. Next new episode airs on AMC on Monday, Sept. 17.