When does The Blacklist season 6 premiere on NBC?

When does The Blacklist season 6 premiere on NBC? Here’s what we know about The Blacklist season premiere and when the new season starts on NBC.

When does The Blacklist season 6 premiere? Fans of NBC‘s long-running crime drama are waiting for the start of a new season—and they’ll be waiting a while longer to find out what happens next for Raymond Reddington.

The network has not announced a formal premiere date for the sixth season, stating only that the show will return in January 2019. It is also moving from Wednesdays at 8 p.m. over to Fridays at 9 p.m., where it once again will share a night with Blindspot.

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This is the first time that NBC has bumped the James Spader-led show from its fall schedule onto its midseason schedule; previously, the first five seasons either started in September or October.

So unfortunately, it will be a few months before TV fans can unravel the disaster that was left by The Blacklist‘s fifth season finale, when the show declared that Reddington (played by Spader) is an imposter and the real Raymond Reddington has been dead for some time.

As if that wasn’t strange enough for audiences, Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) was also revealed to be working with Blacklister Sutton Ross before Ross’s untimely demise.

Nothing is for certain anymore, including the answer to “When does The Blacklist season 6 premiere?” So maybe the lack of a start date so far is oddly fitting for a show that’s got more questions than answers. The Blacklist may not come back to NBC until next year, but it will certainly have a lot to offer viewers when it does return.

While you’re waiting for The Blacklist season premiere, you can stream the first four seasons on Netflix. Netflix does not currently have the fifth season available for streaming, but keep checking back and maybe they will before January.

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