Don’t hold your breath for a Supernatural spin-off any time soon

 The Supernatural spinoff Wayward Sisters will not become a series like many of the fans anticipated.

When news that a spin-off of the Wayward Sisters was a possibility, there was a lot of buzz and excitement about continuing Supernatural in a new way.

Supernatural has been a highly successful show and are going into season 14. Sam and Dean Winchester have been dealing with the supernatural world on our TV screens for years now and it doesn’t seem like they will be stopping anytime soon.

This show also has a massive fandom and can’t get enough of it.

A show that would be like Supernatural with female leads seemed like it would be an automatic success. It seemed that it would be a natural for the show to go in this direction. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Why is this spin-off no longer a possibility? The CW president Mike Pedowitz provided an answer at the recently completed TCA, via TV Guide.

“We were very happy with the women who did the Wayward Sisters spin-off. We had only a certain number of slots, and it just didn’t get there. If [the producers] have a great idea they want to move forward with, we are open to listen.”

The Wayward Sisters wasn’t the only attempted spin-off. There was a previous one called Supernatural: Bloodlines back in 2014. Similar to the Wayward Sisters, it did not get picked up for a series. Supernatural is such a popular show and it seems like it can go in so many directions with a spin-off.

However, Pedowitz did say at TCA, “Supernatural may be Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles and there may not be a franchise beyond that.”

Sorry fans, it doesn’t look like there will ever be a Supernatural spin-off. For right now, CW will be continuing the show as long as Jared and Jensen want to do it. Fans love this show and will continue to as long as it’s on the air. Maybe when the show comes to an end, a new possible spin-off might come along.

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