Orange Is The New Black 609 recap: Kickball anyone?

Piper is determined to create a kickball league on this episode of Orange Is The New Black while Cindy’s guilt gets the best of her.

Orange Is The New Black really wants Piper to leave an impact on the prison before she leaves it for good, and while her intentions were initially selfish, she really seems passionate about ending the war and bringing everyone together.

There were no flashbacks this episode (and honestly, it was a nice break from them), and we just got to enjoy a whole day at Litchfield.

After Nicky and Blanca were beaten up in the last episode, they are being treated,  but while Nicky gets to hang back, Blanca is booted out so Barb can take her place after having a bath salt overdose, no thanks to Daddy.

It’s a welcome change to see Nicky trying to guide Barb through her addiction and begin coaching her to be sober. The two meet when Barb ends up next to her in the hospital.

However, Cindy is really struggling because the guilt is starting to gnaw at her insides quite literally, and stomach ulcers are forming as a result of heightened stress. She can’t sit, walk, or function without pain, and it’s not really that shocking. After basically selling Taystee out with lies and proceeding to be friends with her, it’s no wonder that she is riddled with so much guilt.

In the process, Caputo has been really stepping up to help Taystee out and even comes in for a deposition vouching for the great person Taystee is. But of course, the prosecution rebutted with a reminder that Caputo was punched by Taystee during the riot. Come on guys, they’re way past that now.

Caputo makes a huge decision later in the episode when Linda shows up angrily at his doorstep simply because he came to Taystee’s defense. In the heat of the moment, he decides to quit MCC, and we have to say it’s about darn time. They are such a horrible company, and despite his flaws, he can do better.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on what’s been up with Red who was extremely let down by her family in this episode. If you’ve been following Red through the series, then you know her family is very important to her. But this season has been an eye-opener for Red because she is realizing she is on her own in this world, and while many owe her favors, they will turn on her just as quickly.

She feels the same sentiment towards her family who has been lying to her about her husband’s girlfriend, and with the additional sentence she has to serve, it doesn’t seem like her husband is going to step away from his girl anytime soon. Orange Is The New Black is really raining down hell on some of our favs, isn’t it?

And if Daya wasn’t annoying enough, she comes up with a plan that made me want to pull my hair out. She is so desperate for a fix that she decides to rope in Aleida on a drug smuggling idea that she has concocted. Aleida will get drugs from Cesar’s contacts and then smuggle them into Litchfield. No, that’s a horrible idea.

Not all is horrible though because Piper and Ruiz reconnect and as a result, Piper recruits more members for the kickball league! Yay!