5 nostalgic horror movies to watch on Netflix this weekend

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This weekend, take comfort in horror with 5 nostalgia-inducing horror movies on Netflix, including Jurassic Park and more.

Last week, we reviewed five horror movies on Netflix that showcase our monstrous capabilities as humans. Spoiler alert: you guys, we’re awful and scary.

This week, I thought it would be nice to take a trip through the delightful nostalgia of 80s and early 90s horror on Netflix. These are films that likely have a special place in your heart (and on your watch list).

There’s something homey and special about a classic horror film that you can keep going back to, time after time. Like a cozy sweater or your favorite comfort food. They’ll trigger fond memories and encourage a calm, soothing feeling in your soul.

Sometimes we all need that.

They’ll also make you very glad that we’ve moved away from narration in trailers because goodness gracious is it weirdly jarring.

Anyways, let’s get to the list of nostalgic horror movies, starting with Children of the Corn. 

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