Sense8 mural: More donations needed as deadline approaches

We continue our conversation with Maximilienne Ewalt as the deadline (July 16) for the Sense8 mural draws near and more donations are needed.

The campaign to immortalize the message of Sense8 is fast approaching. We share with you the rest of our interview with actress, Maximilienne Ewalt, who played Amanita’s mother, and who has been supportive of Sense8; the show, the fans, and the show’s message to the world.

NL: What is the address of the future mural? 

ME: In the parking lot at the Entrance at Lennon Studios, 271 Dore Street, San Francisco, California 94103.

NL: What have fans or fan groups done to help reach the $15,000 goal? Anyone you would like to recognize?

ME: I would like to recognize all the 237 backers from all over the world who have already pledged to the project.

And I would like to recognize Siddy Nicklehead, yourself and Netflix Life for these interviews and blog posts, helping me to get the word out.

I would like to thank Deirdre Weinberg, the artist and Susana Gilo, a member of our team helping with online outreach who have both done a ton of work on this project knowing that they may not get paid anything at all if we don’t reach our goal.

I would like to thank Carol Lennon for offering the wall as our canvas.

NL: What can a Sense8 fan do right now to reach the fundraising goal?

ME: There are many ways to help.

  1. Go to any of the links above and pledge a donation today. Donations from as little as $1 to $1,000 or more are accepted. At this crucial point, we really need donors at the higher levels from $250 to $1000. No money will be exchanged unless and until we get fully funded by 11:59 pm on July 16. Of course, with only four days left and having raised $11,940 so far, out of the $15,000 needed, we still need to raise $3,060 more. So, we have a ways to go, and not much time left. The mural will happen only if we reach our goal of $15,000.
  2. Make a bid for a Special Sense8 1st edition pin on eBay. Proceeds go to the #SFSense8Mural.
  3. Buy a special Sense8Mural blue pin for $10 @SensateHeaven on Twitter. Half the proceeds go to the #SFSense8Mural.
  4. Buy IAmAlsoAWe T-shirts @jamestuart11 on Twitter. $4 to $5 for each shirt sold goes to #SFSense8Mural.
  5. @SimplyClustered on Twitter. All Sense8 designs. All the money will be donated to the #SFSense8Mural.
  6. @IAmWeCampaign on Twitter. Brian J. Smith and Max Riemelt Autographs auction on Ebay. All proceeds go to #SFSense8Mural.

Tell everyone you know who loves the Netflix series Sense8 or who is part of the global LGBTQ Community or anyone who believes and longs for the world to come together in peace, unity and acceptance of each other with all our differences. Ask if they are able to pledge a donation to help keep this message alive. This will be the first permanent public Sense8 mural of hopefully many more out in the world.

Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram or other online platforms you use. Join in, help promote and share with the different Sense8 fan groups on Facebook and Twitter. Use the hashtags #ArtIsLoveMadePublic #IAmAlsoAWe and always add the Kickstarter link appropriate for each platform.

Say why you support this mural. Make a short selfie video clip saying “Art is love made public” and add the hashtag #IAmAlsoAWe and/or the ones listed on the attached flyer. Post your clip on your Instagram page and at #SFsense8mural.

If you have any connections with any people, businesses or organizations who might be interested in sponsoring this mural, especially those in the San Francisco Bay Area, ask them if they would be interested in supporting or sponsoring this public mural project. If they answer yes or maybe, please either send me their names and contact information or be creative and brave and give them your best and most passionate explanation of why supporting this mural is important; mainly its message of the need for connection, unity, compassion and empathy when so much hate and division are on the rise.

This is a message the world needs now more than ever. This idea to create permanent Sense8 murals all over the world came from you, the fans, from those of you who want Sense8 to live on forever and for whom the Sense8 story gave hope to your life and hope for a more compassionate and loving world where all of us are accepted.

Most of all I need those who are thinking of making a pledge to do so today. Time is running short. If you are passionate about the idea and have the means, be as generous as you can.

I do not get a cent of this money. All of it goes for supplies, paints, scaffolding, insurance, and to pay the artist.

The fundraiser for the Sense8 mural ends at 11:59 pm PT on Monday, July 16.

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