25 times Michael Scott really was the world’s best boss on The Office

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Even though The Office had its series finale over 5 years ago, the characters we came to know and love still show up in quotes and gifs on social media. And no character from The Office is more memorable than Dunder Mifflin’s boss, Michael Scott.

Michael Scott had the mug to prove he’s the world’s best boss. Throughout his time on The Office, Michael Scott also did plenty of things that would have resulted in him being fired in real life, however.

He is inappropriate, offensive, and at times, scared to make a decision. He never wants to anger his employees, runs away from conflict (literally), and is an ineffective boss overall. But, while he did make us cringe more often than not, he also had his good moments too.

Whether it was wrangling in Dwight’s shenanigans, showing up for an employee when they needed him, or actually (and shockingly) giving good advice to one of his employees, Michael did sometimes stumble upon the right words or the right actions that, at the moment, made him a good boss.

While he was primarily the clown we loved to laugh at, he was also a part of most of the more serious moments as well. He could have easily been portrayed as the horrible boss, but instead, we got to see a character that didn’t always fit into a box. We saw his struggles with relationships, his need for friends, and his issues growing up.

Even the employees who he had hurt over the years, like Jim and Pam, acknowledged that he has his moments. And while these moments are few and far between, they make Michael a beloved character instead of the unbearable one he could have become.

Let’s look at 25 times Michael Scott was actually the world’s best boss.

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