25 best Michael Scott quotes to reference at the office

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The 25 best Michael Scott quotes to reference at your own office.

Michael Gary Scott is the world’s best boss. He’s even got the mug to prove it.

Alright, alright: he did actually buy that mug for himself at Spencer Gifts, but I still think it totally counts. Buying himself his own “World’s Best Boss” mug is a classic Michael move.

He’s kooky, he’s often overbearing, but he always has the best of intentions. He might drive his employees crazy, but by the time he departs the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch in season seven, they all know they’re really going to miss him.

The Office might be over, but it’s still a landmark comedy with plenty of quotable lines. Many of them come from the boss man himself, whose Best Boss mug is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his many genuine but misguided one-liners.

In Michael’s talking head interviews with the PBS documentary crew, he covers everything from the dangers of early morning George Foreman grilling to the pitfalls of being single when you’re in love with a random chair model.

So the next time you’re looking for a savvy one-liner to impress your own co-workers with both your sense of humor and you’re unhealthy in-depth knowledge of The Office, turn to the Michael Scott database for a quality quote fit for any workplace situation.

Here’s our laugh-out-loud list of the 25 best Michael Scott quotes to reference at the office. They’re perfect for all the Dunder Mifflin-inspired bosses out there, as well as any Jim Halpert-types just trying to get through the day.

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