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Estelle Getty, Rue McClanahan, Bea Arthur, Betty White, and Living Room in The Golden Girls (1985)
Estelle Getty, Rue McClanahan, Bea Arthur, Betty White, The Golden Girls Living Room Photo by NBC – © NBCUniversal, Inc. – Image courtesy

Classic TV shows prove that roommates aren’t something you outgrow after your 20s. From the Golden Girls to Perfect Strangers, everyone’s favorite roommates still make us laugh.

Everyone has a favorite TV show that instantly stirs up nostalgic memories. Watching these shows makes you happy like sitting in your grandmother’s kitchen drinking hot cocoa eating warm cookies. These classic TV shows are comfort (food) viewing for the soul.

Hulu introduces a new generation to everyone’s favorite roommates on classic TV.  From The Golden Girls to fan favorites like Perfect strangers, these zany roommates will keep you in stitches.

Some shows have sparked multiple versions because of their popularity.  Several versions of The Odd Couple with a range of people playing  the lead roles. Will and Grace (1998) returned to NBC in 2017 after an 10 year hiatus. The Will and Grace reboot features all the original actors reprising the roles they made famous. Both the original and rebooted version of Will and Grace are available on Hulu.   Hulu has more than 100 classic TV series available streaming on the platform.

In the coming weeks, the Hulu Watcher staff will feature some of your favorite sitcoms in the flashback series.

This week’s classic TV offerings include the shenanigans of some of the televisions most entertaining roommates.

Check out this week’s list then pop some popcorn and settle in on the couch and relive some of the best classic TV moments streaming on Hulu.

Golden Girls

Picture this Sicily 1947 when Sophie spoke those words you knew it would invoke a deep belly laugh and you learn a life lesson to boot. From their midnight chats over cheesecake and ice cream to Sophie’s witty and snappy comebacks, The Golden Girls  are simple magic.

Every squad has a Blanche, a Sophie, a Rose and a Dorothy. In some squads some people are doing double duty. But every great team needs a voice of reason ala Dorothy. Someone to bring the funny when needed Sophie or Rose if she’s telling one of her endless stories. Of course you need a bad girl, aka a vixen not afraid to be herself without any apology.

If you ever meet someone who has watched an episode of The Golden Girls who didn’t like run, far and fast. If you meet such a person they aren’t right in the head.  Loving the The Golden Girls is so universal, Winston Duke,  one of the stars of Marvel’s groundbreaking film Black Panther is trying to set up a side gig to get paid to watch and review episodes of The Golden Girls.

We completely understand Winston. Getting paid to watch TV you were going to watch anyway is a pretty great gig if you can get it.

The Golden Girls  aired for seven seasons on NBC from 1985 – 1992. During the show’s run it received 121 nominations and won a total of 36 awards.

Will and Grace 

1998 NBC

Originally aired for eight seasons on NBC. In 2017 Will and Grace returned to the NBC Must See TV lineup with all of its original cast members. Will, a meticulous corporate lawyer, and Grace, a neurotic interior decorator, share a New York apartment. Karen, an outspoken socialite, and Jack, a free-spirited actor, provide entertaining commentary on subjects from sex, dating and divorce to openly gay plots, nothing’s off limits — and all is fair game — in this Emmy-winning comedy. Both Jack and Will are gay men. WIll is search of the perfect relationship, and Jack is in search of a good time.

The Odd Couple

1970 -1975 CBS

Watching The Odd Couple is like watching your siblings or parents fight. The arguments are amusing but never vicious. Despite their differences you believe Oscar Madison and Felix Unger love each other. Both men are divorced and polar opposites. At least 4 versions have aired of since 1968.

Felix Unger is a meticulous perfectionist and a photographer. His roommate Oscar Madison is a slob and a sportswriter. The two share New York City apartment after their divorces force them into a financial bind.

One is neat, one is a slob. Both are divorced and need a place to stay. That’s how fussy photographer Felix Unger and sloppy sportswriter Oscar Madison end up sharing a New York City apartment. The arguments are endless but funny; it’s like watching your parents fight.

Perfect Strangers

1986 -1993 ABC

Family Matters was spin-off of Perfect Strangers. 

Larry Appleton moves to Chicago, he enjoys his newfound privacy.That vanishes quickly when Balki Bartokomous, a cousin from the Mediterranean island of Mypos, shows up wanting to move in. Larry decides to act as a mentor to Balki and help teach him about life in America, which is vastly different than what Balki is used to.

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