Season 1 of Brockmire is now streaming on Hulu

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Ahead of the April 25th premiere of season two on IFC,  season one of Brockmire starring Hank Azaria is streaming on Hulu.

Hank Azaria plays Jim Brockmire in the critically acclaimed IFC series entitled Brockmire. The show is based on the downfall of a Major League Baseball play by-play analyst who has hit rock bottom.

Sports fans who remember Jimmy The Greek, or Howard Cosell will find the grumpy character endearing.  His rude persona is a side-effect of his pain and alcoholism. While covering a MLB game he discovers his wife cheated on him for quite sometime.  The discovery leads to an on-air rant that would make fans of  Jim Mora or Dennis Green happy.

A decade after the meltdown he decides to reclaim his career and love life. He goes back to work calling minor league baseball games for the Morristown Frackers. He calls games with his girlfriend Jules, (Amanda Peet).

The only thing Brockmire has been committed to is drinking. He drinks constantly he even drinks while covering the minor league baseball games.

IFC  ordered eight episodes of he critically acclaimed show for season two.

Season two picks up one year after the season 1 finale.  Our protagonist has moved to New Orleans following his quest to get back to the majors. He’s hosting a podcast called Brock Bottom and living with his co-dependent friend Charles (Williams)

If you thought season one was a wild ride just wait for season two. He’s drinking more than ever and indulging in ever temptation he can find in New Orleans. That combination spells trouble in a way only Jim Brockmire can deliver.

Streaming Brockmire on Hulu could never be a mistake. Season two starts April 25, catch up on all the action of season one before season two starts.

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