Archer is leaving Netflix in March as purge continues

Another fan favorite is leaving Netflix in March with the loss of Archer.

The clock is ticking for Netflix subscribers to watch Archer. The long-running FX series will be removed from Netflix on March 14 as the 20th Century Fox titles continue their exodus.

Archer leaving Netflix comes after a number of fan favorites were removed due to the expiring deal with 20th Century Fox who is housing their shows under Hulu’s streaming platform instead. Shows like Bob’s Burgers, House, The X-Files, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Family Guy, which will have the eight remaining seasons removed on Feb. 14, are among the most notable losses for Netflix due to this deal.

It’s been frustrating for fans to lose these great shows because these shows could have been the primary reason they bought a Netflix subscription in the first place. If it wasn’t the reason they got Netflix in the first place, these shows represented the shows they watched the most or were the go-to option when they couldn’t find something else to watch.

If you’re a Hulu subscriber as well as a Netflix subscriber then this won’t be that much of a deal for you. Instead of watching Archer on Netflix, you’ll just have to watch on Hulu.

For those who don’t have Hulu but still want to watch Archer, you have another month to enjoy the adventures of Sterling Archer, Lana, Cyril, Pam and the rest of the gang as they get into all sorts of crazy adventures, most of them directly as a result of Archer’s actions and decisions.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Archer from the beginning so I plan on doing a binge-watch marathon to revisit some of the best episodes and scenes and “phrasing” moments before it’s too late.

Archer ranks on our list of the 50 best comedies on Netflix, but on March 14, we’ll have to replace it with another hilarious show on Netflix.