When will The Crown season 3 be on Netflix?

Here’s when fans can expect to see new episodes of The Crown on Netflix.

I will readily admit, I didn’t embrace The Crown when it first premiered on Netflix in November of 2016. At the time, I dismissed it as a show that would be like Downton Abbey or Call the Midwife or any other number of popular shows among their target demographics. I didn’t fit that target demo, or so I told myself when I made excuses not to watch the series.

Not even Emmy nominations for Outstanding Drama Series or nominations for Claire Foy and John Lithgow, or even wins for Foy at the Golden Globes was enough to talk me into watching The Crown. I really do blame the feeling of having too many shows to watch that helped me rationalize the decision.

It wasn’t until The Crown season 2 premiered on Netflix on Dec. 8 of 2017 that I finally had to take the plunge and start watching. After all, how bad could it really be after all these awards and recognition from critics and a widespread appeal to fans?

Sure enough, I started watching and after a few slow moments at the start, I was hooked and binge-watched the rest of the first season in a weekend. Then, I was off to season 2 and sure enough, I was done with that in a matter of days. I felt awful for missing out on this brilliant, beautiful, grand and majestic show and then I felt like I needed season 3 immediately.

And I know that is a familiar feeling, not just for The Crown season 3, but for all Netflix members after they binge a show and are all out of episodes.

The good thing is The Crown has already been renewed for season 3, and three more beyond that is in the works, but the cast will be changing. Due to the big time jump after season 2, Foy, Matt Smith and Vanessa Kirby will have their characters recast.

Olivia Colman is going to play the Queen and replace Foy, Helena Bonham Carter will replace Kirby as Princess Margaret and the role of Philip is yet to be recast. So while The Crown season 3 will have a different look to it, we anticipate the show returning at or around the same time as past seasons.

Season 1 was released on Nov. 4 while season 2 dropped on Dec. 8. Because the show doesn’t have to worry about a renewal, production shouldn’t have any delays, so that’s why we project The Crown season 3 to be released Friday, Dec. 7.

Mind you, this is only a projection to help provide an estimated date for the show to return and should not be treated as concrete fact. This is merely a projection, but we do feel strongly about it. Should anything change about our release date projection, we will update accordingly.

Update 5/3: The Crown will not return in 2018 and will return at a date to be determined in 2019.