15 shows on Netflix to watch if you can’t sleep

Gilmore Girls- Photo Credit: Saeed Adyani/Netflix
Gilmore Girls- Photo Credit: Saeed Adyani/Netflix /
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11. Pretty Little Liars

I know what you watched last night. – A

Of course, A knows what you watched last night! Especially if that show was Pretty Little Liars. As many of you know, the show is based on a series of books following four girls. Aria, the artistic girl, Emily, the sporty girl, Hannah, the It girl, and Spencer, the bookworm. The show opens a year after the death of their friend Alison, and no one’s the same.

The girls have all drifted apart. Aria’s come back from Europe, Hannah’s now living under the peer pressure of her friend Mona, Spencer’s taking classes at the local college, and Emily’s dealing with her feelings for the new girl. How will the changes that have taken place over the year help or hurt the friendship of this group?

Alison’s body still hasn’t been found a year later, leaving everyone hopeful that she might be alive. When a new family moves into Alison’s old house, they find her body, putting everyone to rest. Sort of. It’s not until the funeral that the girls start getting texts messages from an anonymous sender named A.

As the show continues on, things get more and more out of hand. A starts blackmailing the girls to not reveal their secrets to everyone. Forbidden relationships, secret friendships, family problems;  nothing is off the table for A.

This seven-season show with 160 episodes is perfect for a slightly scary night of bingeing. If you can’t sleep, why not watch something that tests our fears of social media and stalking?