15 shows on Netflix to watch if you can’t sleep

Gilmore Girls- Photo Credit: Saeed Adyani/Netflix
Gilmore Girls- Photo Credit: Saeed Adyani/Netflix /
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Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls- Photo Credit: Saeed Adyani/Netflix /

5. Gilmore Girls

Okay, so we’ve covered your basic genres. Now it’s time to get into the television shows that you know and love and are ready for a rewatch. Pretty much every millennial has watched at least one episode of Gilmore Girls, if not binged it entirely. Then, of course, you watched Netflix’s reboot, which you loved just as much, hopefully.

But when the clock strikes twelve, it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen a show, or if you can quote it word for word. Gilmore Girls is a classic, and you have nothing to do tomorrow, so why not watch it through again? It’s only your fifth time watching the series.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a list of why you should watch it. First, it’s written by Amy Sherman-Palladino, so get ready for fast, witty conversations. It features a beautiful mother/daughter relationship between Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel). It also has young versions of current heartstoppers such as Jared Paladecki and Milo Ventimiglia. The show has become iconic in the television world, with everyone wanting Luke’s coffee at some point in their daily schedule.

It’s not just a nineties show either. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was put on by Netflix and instantly brought back the phenomenon. Altogether, you’ll have seven seasons, 153 episodes at 44 minutes each and then four more episodes of the reboot.